June 23, 2019

Review on Coloured Contact Lens : N's collection Matcha Latte Contact Lens

Eyes is the window of the soul. That's why I would love to have coloured contact lens so that it makes your eyes look alluring and attractive.

The story begins with I was thinking whether or not to put on Contact lens on my  wedding photoshoot. I keep searching high and low for the afforable yet a quality contact lens. (Of course, no body want to rick their eyes , don't you? )

So to get the quality assurance one, I would prefer to buy from Optical Shop. Bear in mind that I am actually wearing it once in a blue moon. In this case, I just want to buy it for my wedding photoshoot. So I no need a lot of them.

Most of optical shop sell it in combo package. For example, daily disposable coloured lens Rm 150 for 3 boxes. It is worthy, but neh.... I can still get it at lower price. So I continue to search.

So then I am ending up choosing N's collection Contact Lens. Judging from the price (Rm 75 , daily disposable 5 pair), it is a quality that won't harm my eyes one.

Then the colour that I saw from the series is quite natural, yet showing variety.

 But then, I couldn't judge from the photo that whether it will create the overly- big barbie doll effect on my eyes. (which from the photo, you can tell it is not.) So, here I am with the N's collection contact lens!

 Front angle

 Side angle. (Eyes looking at the side) 
My pair of eyes is big, bulging, so I quite like the effect here. 

 Then, that's how I started to obsess with myself. LOL

 N's collection Matcha latte Contact Lens Rm 75
5 pairs  - Daily disposable

Rest assured of the hygiene because it is TIGHLY SEALED. Until I need to get help from other to pull the packaging plastic to open it.

As I am buying it for the photography effect, so I am very particular on the Yellow light-white light effect.

 You definitely can tell at some point, it is obvious that I put on contact lens.

But at some other point, the effect is very minimal. Well, the photos are here. Feel free to make your own interpretation.

As you can see from the pic above, there are 6 other different colours which the colour is subtle, aims to blend well with the iris colours of Asian. (brown/dark brown iris). And the result is very subtle, suitable for those who is looking for not-so baby doll eyes, yet looking refreshing all the time, but not sleepy.

For me , in case. My eyes are big and bulging. Another problem is that I also have large white area (sclera), hence it makes me look like I am sleepy , esp when I didn't put on eyeliner.
(Anyway, still looking sleepy after trying that). Well, what to do, rest more and sleep more lo. It will happen to any contact lens too. 

As I was a bit tired and sleep on the day of wearing the contact lens, it does make my eyes feel irritated as my tired eyes cannot adjust to the change of having a contact lens on them.

On the other hand, , which will happen to me too even when I do not wear contact lens. The only solution for me, in this case, is to get more rest, and sleep more. And this is also the reason why, I would like to wear N's collection Contact Lens on my actual wedding day. 

If you are looking for daily disposable coloured contact lens. Feel free to have a look at the Japan Premium E-Commerce Site

Please do let me know if you have any question, I will try to answer if I know it!

June 15, 2019

Beware of Counterfeit Himalaya Salt Sports Candy

Posting with minor editting from the Press Release

Right before that, just some brief infor on why would someone are willing the counterfeit a sugar candy. Sports Candy. 

Reason 1: 

the picture says it all!

Reason 2: Sports Candy
Let's focus on what does a sports candy mean?

Our body need a large amount of sodium after intense workout , in which HImalaya Salt Candy comes to fill in the gap.

According to The Sun DailyThe key ingredient of the sports candy which is the natural Himalayan Salt, is believed to possess many health benefits. 

It contains over 80 natural traces of minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium which are all found naturally in the body. 

Besides promoting the absorption of mineral and nutrients into the bloodstream, the Himalayan Salt is known for helping maintain hydration in the body. 


Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd (Nicko Jeep) has recently been notified on counterfeit Himalaya Salt Sports Candy (Himalaya Salt Extra Cool Mint Candy - Lemon Flavour) products being sold at unauthorised sales channels. Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn. Bhd. take this issue very seriously as counterfeiting products are not only illegal but may pose health risks to consumers due to DUBIOUS ingredients used in manufacturing the candies.

Nicko Jeep’s manufacturing facility that manufactures the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy is also certified by HACCP, GMP and MESTI while the products are HALAL certified by JAKIM. However, these counterfeit candies are not certified and are therefore not safe for consumption.

This issue has been reported to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism and stern action will be taken against these perpetrators.

In the meantime, we strongly suggest that customers only purchase our Himalaya Salt Sports Candy from reputable retailers 

Feel free to reach  www.himalayacandy.com or their FB page to get to know the latest update of this issue. 

Some of the illustration to discern between the genuine and the counterfeit. 

1. Counterfeit packaging uses a slightly different font at the bottom for 
‘Increase Hydration, Throat Soothing, Fresh Breath’ 

2. The words ‘Sports Candy’ are slightly faded. 

3. The word ‘Manufacturer In Malaysia By’ is used instead of ‘Manufacture In Malaysia By’.

 When buying the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy also be aware of product with the Lot No 19C02 with  the expiry date 15/03/2021. This is a counterfeit product.

So people, if your sporty friends are having this Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, spread the words yea. 

May 19, 2019

NALC Sunblock & Null Acne Block Face Wash

So Japan Premium has sent me their hot selling items which is NALC Sunblock and Null Acne Block Face Wash.

Been using the sunblock for 2 weeks and I could tell you it doesn't feel like I am wearing it!

Why do we need to apply sunblock indoor or outdoor? 

Did you know what's the harmful of UV light? The exposure of UV light damages natural collagen in our skin, which is why it cause the aging of our skin. That is why we were all encourage to use anything with SPF , despite we stay indoor all the time. 

Prolong exposure to UV light might cause skin cancer or melanoma, the figure of people developing melanoma is quite high in Australia. This is because there is Ozone Hole in Australia region , more Australians are getting exposed to great amount of UV ray. 

The fact above just show that it is important to use SPF products day in and day out whether you work indoor or outdoor. Depending on the exposure to sun. I would use SPF 30 ++ for indoor activity and SPF 50++ for outdoor activity. 

Photo taken from Japan Premium

As you can see here, the second ingredient  Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate  e is the one helping to scatter and reflect the UV ray away from our skin. It also helps to reduce the damaging effect of the sunburn. So you can also put that one after getting sunburn if you don't have aloe vera gel around you. 

What is so good about NALC Sunblock? 

 It is a sunblock that is suitable for whole body, including face. I use it on my face too! It is not sticky, absorb faster, characterised by the Three Phase Emulsification. 

Does it work effectively to protect 
our skin from harmful UV ray? 

Of course, you don't need to get sunburn to test how good is a sunblock. After using NALC sunblock, the dark spots  (which caused by sun exposure) has been lessen, which I believe continue to using it would help me to get rid of the dark spots caused by sun exposure.  

However, what I would like to share with you is the experience of using it. I believe all the sunblock works effectively. Normally, the higher the SPF , the more sticky it was. NALC Sunblock being SPF 50 + PA ++++  doesn't feel sticky at all. It was creamy and later on melt upon skin contact. 

And I am feeling at ease to use it on my face. Despite being waterproof, which is good for all purpose. I can still easily remove it with ease. A  normal facial cleanser (not even a make up removal) will do. 

So , lets let the video to do the talking! 

You can purchase NALC Sunblock from Japan Premium. 

So click the link above for more infographic information. 

NULL Acne Block Face Wash

The more you know about this Facial Wash, the more you appreciate the skin benefit of it. 

Haul from Japan. This Acne Block works as it has 3 main ingredients to sooth the skin inflammation , in another way, it helps to combat with certain allergic , and bringing calmness to irritated skin. It works to put out the fire of inflamed skin, and when the acne breakout, the formula inside is gentle enough to calm it, and reduce the acne though the healing effect of various plant. 

It is majority plant-based material and Free from 6 harmful additive. 

So if you have serious acne problem, this is the facial wash for you! It defenses, controls, and guards your acne from affecting your beautiful face! 

You can get it from Japan Premium as well! 

Overall verdict for these 2 products from Japan 

What impress me the most is the experience of using them!

The SPF 50+ sunblock which is not sticky, and feeling moisturised , knowing my skin is being hydrated while being shield away from harmful UV light.

The Acne Block Face Wash that come with a Lime Citrus flavour that make me feel so refreshing and rejuvenating while using it.

I would said that I will use Japanese skincare product for the pleasing experience using them, when it do it job well.  In short, the great experience of using it make the product feel so premium.

March 24, 2019

Japan Premium: Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream Review

If you are looking at this page. I guess you are girl/lady who will wear sleeveless, or wearing tube or wearing bikini , who isn't afraid to flaunt your under armpit, because you are confident that it is hairless, and smooth.

But how often do you have to remove your armpit hair or unwanted hair at bikini line?

As for me, I have chose a cheaper option which is to use a shaving razor that is created for this function. There are many salons that offers permanently hair waxing or hair removal treatment.

The downside of using shaving razor is that you skin might be irritated over a prolong period, and then the hair grows up more frequently, and more rough and previously, in the end, you have to shave it frequently. 

While going to salon for such treatment is costly as you are paid for one time usage only. Let's not talk about plucking which the after-result is even worse, it is painful , causing redness and time-consuming! 

So, today I am going to introduce a very gentle hair removal cream all the way from Japan. This tube of 100ml of Pineapple and Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream is developed by Suzuki Herb in Japan.

The story of Suzuki Herbs Laboratory begins with the founder making a herbal lotion in order to cure his child's atopic dermatitis. His reputation spread mouth by mouth, and in 2004 the company was founded.

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times while surviving the ever changing environment of hundreds and thousands of years. We believe in the incredible power of organic plants to bring healthier, happier lives to all. Our mission is to create and provide the purest natural products that awake the natural force of the skin without imposing a burden on the skin.

Having to create product with the mind to cater for sensitive skin, it denotes that all the products under Suzuki Herb are suitable for sensitive skin. 

and it is selling fast in Japan too! 

You might ask,  What helps this cream to remove hair effectively? 
It is a chemical known as Calcium Thiolglycolate that do the job in removing the unwanted hair.

Calcium Thioglycolate is a calcium salt of Thioglycolic acid. It commonly used in hair waving product, to modify hair fibres to change the structure of the fibre, that is used in hair straigtening or hair waving. They are also used to chemically break down hair fibers so that unwanted hair can be removed by simply wiping it from the skin. 

Understanding how it works, you will find out that

1. You need to wait for 5- 10 mins after applying the cream so that it can be wiped off for a clean, and silk-smooth result. 

2. You will see the hair will become slightly zig-zag as the bond in the hair has been damaged and chemically broken down hair fibers.  

 As for the packaging, it comes with a spatula, so that you can easily apply onto it!

and this is how the cream look like. It doesn't has the pungent smell like the hair straightening agent, and literally works as it says. Gently removing the unwanted hair. 

I guess the reason it is so popular in Japan is due to it effective job yet gentle. Thanks to the 7 herbs above. 

One of the reasons it got my liking because it leaves a porcelain smooth effect like never before. I can keep touching and feeling my skin texture the whole day! LOL. 

After using it for 2 weeks, I can see that the grow of new hair on my leg is very fine, and takes longer time to grow (slower 3 days for my case as compare to using razor). I also do not need to have razor to shave it. All I need is a wet towel or wet tissue to remove the sort-of zig-zag damaged hair fibre.

You can see from the picture above. It gives radiant to my skin without causing skin irritation. It also sorts of soften my skin, making it more fair and smooth. 

The achieving result is having a hair waxing treatment at home. Leaving you porcelain smooth skin! 

So if you wear sleeveless, want to look flawless putting on bikini , get your Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream from Japan premium now! 

I expect a tube of 100ml of hair removal cream can last for 10-15 times usage if you remove your armpit hair, bikini line and thigh, cause I dispense a little and it spread out easily. You might need to squeeze more if you hair is very thick so you might used up faster.

 If you ask me, would I continue to buy the cream again after finishing it? 

Yes, I have been using razor all this while, and I can significantly feel the difference after using this hair removal cream.

Although comparing to removing via razor, I need to wait for extra 10 more mins, but I wouldn't want to have rough hair growing again after that. Also,  the porcelain smooth result is the main highlight. It gives me impression that the dark spot on my armpit (due to frequent removing via razor) will be lessen with increasing use of Pineapple Soy Milk Hair Removal Cream.

On the side note, this product give me confident as it's from Japan.Tested on sensitive skin.

February 17, 2019

Score Marathon 2019 - Ambassador Launch

To be honest. Standing beside these incredible people, I feel like I am nothing. #truestory

So, I am glad to have a photo with this giant names in the marathon community!

It was the Ambassador Launch of SCORE Marathon 2019 on 16th February 2019. Having organising Score RUN and many other sports and fitness events in Malaysia. Today, Score is going to  have their very first FULL MARATHON (FYI, only 42km above consider marathon. Anything less than 42km is still considering a run). 

And to kick start with the commencing of the SCORE MARATHON 2019, Score Marathon has welcome 8 incredible , among the best-est , who are professional marathon runners to join them on board as Score Brand Ambassadors.

These 8 incredible people are

"At the very first SCORE Run 5 years ago, we had 3,600 participants. Last year, we had a total of 28,000 - 13,000 runners for night. 15,000 for day. It all started with a grand vision - One Person, One Sport. In our vision of an ideal world, every person on the planet would be involved in at least one sport. And if we can all play a part in making that happen, we would have a world that is fit, a world that is healthy! And I believe we can. 

Many of us started running because someone inspired us, asked us to, or maybe even pushed us into it. Besides being healthier and fitter, running also builds confidence and constantly challenges us, pushing boundaries. It teaches us grit, perseverance, stamina, determination and focus. It builds character and passion. It makes us a better version of ourselves in many ways. And the beauty is, running is contagious. 

Which is why, our theme for Score Marathon is “Conquer Together”. Because together, we can push each other, inspire each other. “ said Patricia Tan, the CEO of Score during the Ambassador Launch. 

Patricia Tan, The energetic CEO of Score (Actually, I can feel the energetic from the whole Score team)   giving welcoming speech during the ambassador launch. 

Also, presented along with the Ambassador launch are 4 of the ambassadors 

Nadzyre Aziz 

Azrul Hussin (Deorunner)

Kartini Ahmad Kamal

Hafiz Aizat

The event first started off with the welcoming , interactive fun baseball hit game at the batting cage @It's a hit, at rooftop of One Utama Shopping Complex.

Also, a very young , energetic MC of the day.

Together with other Score crew welcoming us, divided us into groups to have a friendly match.

That is when one of the brand ambassadors, Nadzyre Aziz having fun with the baseball hit game.

As mention earlier , the theme of the Score MARATHON 2019 is CONQUER TOGETHER. So, are you ready to CONQUER , empower yourself?

The Score Marathon 2019 comprises of 2 parts. 

5km, 10km, 21km and 42km 
13th April 2019 (Saturday)
Dataran Putrajaya

FYI, the video below was the Score Run the Night 2018

5km, 10km and 21km
28th July 2019 (Sunday)
KL Sports City

I also found out that you can join both the marathon (Day & Night) with 13% discount!

View more information HERE.

Couldnt be more proud taking photos with these  marathon  superstars, hence this photo again! Thank you so much to the Score Team!

Ending this post with a group photos of all the ambassadors and bloggers!

January 12, 2019

Dr Glamogenic Brassica Peeling Gel

You have toner in your skincare routine, that's for your everyday use, you have sunblock, moisturizer, serum, night cream and essence. Cause those are the skin care product to nourish your skin. 

Most of us tend to focus on those nourishing products more than cleansing. As long as we have the facial cleanser , it would be suffice. However, whenever you go for facial spa , you will realise that most of the salon will start off with deep cleansing then scrub off the dead skin with scrub or anything similar. 

Well, since you have a comprehensive range of skincare, why don't you include a peeling gel into your weekly skin care routine?  Because, now you can get your skin being pampered and well maintained just like having spa or facial treatment at home! 

Introducing the Brasica Peeling Gel from the brand Dr Glamogenic. Dr Glamogenic is an Australian brand and It is created and formulated with Australia lifestyle, and it is also  kind to your skin and the environment, with plant based extract.  Offering the  safest, effective and natural ingredients

I've tried and used it , and it does 

Remove dead cell effectively
More radiant skin

Looking at the ingredients, you can see that it is mostly naturally plant extract ingredient, to infuse all the goodness into our skin.

The design of the 100 ml Brassica Peeling Gel in a tube form make it easy for us to use by simply squeeze out as much as you want.

 I am having a sensitive skin that I need to avoid seafood all the time, I also use special shower gel to bath daily. But the formula inside is gentle, it doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. 

The closer look at the packaging.

A happy user after using it. See how sensitive is my skin (my palms). However , it does gently exfoliate my skin, I can feel like my skin have become smoother, as the dead skin has been effectively remove, yet with moisture remain on the skin. 


Gel like icy-cool texture. The blue pigment as seen in the picture is a cellulose which is the ingredient to  mix with the oil on your face  and forming the eraser dust like thingy while massaging your face.

Testing on my knee. Thanks to the cellulose inside,  it starts to form clumps on the application area.

Talking about cellulose that forms the clump, it actually exfoliate my skin. It works like the grains in any scrub, except that the cellulose is much softer, not as rough as how the grains physically exfoliate on your skin to get rid of the dead skin. 

So, don't be horrify if you saw erase dust like thingy coming up while massaging it.

The cellulose together with other naturally plant based-extract like Brassica Oleracea  Broccoli extract

Betaine (an amino acid commonly used in skin care, or hair shampoo, giving ultra hydration without feeling sticky with the silky effect, which is why our skin feel smooth right after application)

Portulaca oleracea extra aka purslane providing the anti-oxidant, anti- aging properties , it gives you the radiant glow inside out! (and after studying the godness of purslane, I believe that it helps to prevent the sign of aging by reducing/slow down the formation of wrinkle)

Does it work on me? 

Well, it does in a very gentle way, manage to exfoliate my skin with minimal pressure of massaging, which afterwards didn't leave my skin completely dry.

As for the radiant glow, I didn't notice it until after the third usage. So, it is a good weekly skincare routine that you can add in into your skin care routine, for the dirt-free skin absorbs all the great essence better than a normal skin.

Other products from Dr Glamogenic 

Antioxidant Vit C+ Serum 
A serum that contains stabilized vitamin C derivative helps revitalize tired skin and brighten dull skin tone.

Vitalize Soothing Mask 

Dynamic Brightening Mask 

Hyaluronic Booster Serum

Enliven Brightening Cream 
(  for the usage under arm, elbow,knee)

Perfection Whitening Spot Serum 
( suitable for lighten dark spot / Freckles )

How to buy? 

 Distributed by Qurlivka Southeast Asia ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd
Level 16, The Pavilion Tower , Jalan Raja Chulan , 
52200 Kuala Lumpur .
Tel : +603 - 61519198


Vintage Collection International Sdn Bhd 
 PC-001, Ground Floor,
Sunway Giza Mall.
(same level with Village grocer / opposite Tea Live)

Operation Hours: 10am – 10pm

Customer service line: 012 691 6128