July 1, 2017

Butterfly 4th Birthday Party Unboxing Birthday Bag

If you have read my post or follow my instagram, you should have known that us have got a bag full of awesome goodies from the birthday party! Thank you so much to Tammy, our mamasan, she is the founder of this beauty blogger community in Malaysia. You can read more about the birthday party here!

So, let's unboxing of what I have gotten inside. I have included the price and the description and will provide links to the products so that you can get them, make them yours if you like them!

1. Wanderlust Things | Unicorn Face Makeup Brush RM 89

I bet you can't resist them, so do I. The rainbow hair and the strong unicorn horn handle. It also hold the powder and demonstrate an evenly applied outcome.

Wanderlust Things

2. W. Lab Pocket Shadown Palette Blooming RM 90

I have yet to blog the review about this 10 gorgeous brown-earthy, shimmering and near rosy hues. The colours here suitable for daily make up look or natural look! I tried on them, and it is extraordinary pigmented! I mean they are not matte, but you can get the result of what the colour really display in just one stroke.

Not only that the mini packaging of this Pocket Shadow Palatte is so convenient when you go travel. Need not extra brushes because dual end brushes and mirror attached! Major love for the thoughtful design.  If you are looking for earthly brown hues, this is highly recommended for their easy-to-carry and pay-off colour.

Althea Korea

3. Orkid Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks RM 39 each

 Matte suede liquid lipstick that accentuate your personality. Rock it with Orkid Lipstick now, okay. Developed by a Malaysian blogger, halal certified, 100% cruelty free and vegan. A quality buatan Malaysia. comes with cute packaging you will love it. Now, instead of Rm 39, you can get it at Rm 34 with the link here without need to subscribe.

Orkid Cosmetics

4. 1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara RM 59.90
5. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Super Black RM 69.90

Mascara, an miracle cosmetic that magnify your eye by adding shape to your eyelashes. 1028 is currently one of the most famous cosmetic brand that is highly raved in Taiwan. It has a diamond tip for easier apply on lower lashes and Cone Shaped bristle for the upper lashes wide-eye effect. I like that it won't make my eyelashes clumpy, and it is super black.

But because it is super black, and it tends to stick on your eyelid. I often have to wipe the excess debris of the little black pieces for some unknown reason whenever I apply on it.

Nevertheless, I really like the effect that it brings to my eye. Infused with Vitamin B5 to make the eyelashes more curvy and natural enough to hold it's shape.

1028 Visual Therapy

Introducing latest Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black 
This is an easy-to-use liquid type eyeliner with waterproof performance, which gives high resistance to sweat, water, tears, and sebum. Quick drying, in SUPER BLACK color. Because of the super black colour, it makes small eyes to turn into big eyes, and big eyes to get more goddess like than ever.  And I vouch by it's super performance. This eyeliner is my current favourite. I put it on for the wholeday, and I yawn, rubbing my eyes in between. The eyeline still stick sturdily just like how I put it on initially at the end of the day. Hence if you are looking for super performance eyeliner, you would be happy to have this. A must for bridal look too, coz at the end the bride will cry a lot mar~~ 
It also contains beauty essences like swertia japonica extract, panthenol, hyaluronic acid (HA), and silk extract for skin nourishment. 

Dolly Wink 

6. Mamonde Long Last Liquid Eyeliner RM 39
7. Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist RM 49

Mamonde, a brand inspired by flower. Their long-lasting liquid eyeliner that creates vivid lines with did just more than eyeliner, I even use it to draw the leopard skin on my face. It comes with 2 differend shade. BLACK & BROWN.

And it floral Hydro Mist is a major love. Sometimes I would just spray it on my face right after washing my face without applying toner. It works like a toner for me, and turns the heat down with it's pleasant scent and cooling effect thanks to it's Daffodils extracts and mineral water.


8. Neesya Cleansing Set RM 39

Neesya Cleansing Set is a certified Halal. Priced at Rm 39 it comes with a 100ml Gel cleanswer & 75 ml Enzymatic Refiner Scrub


9. Hadabisei Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich 5pcs RM 48.70

Hadabisei mask packed with whopping amount of rich serum from Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly. It mask itself is a bit sticky due to the rich amount of serum, and I can even use the excess serum to rub it on my thigh , neck area that you think is dry.

10. Clinelle UV Defense SPF 50 30ml RM 49.70

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with Clinielle SPF 50PA ++ for the maximum protection. Not only that, it is non-greasy in texture. Remember to apply at least 30 mins prior going out!

11. Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask 60ml RM 75.90

Hydracalm Sleeping Facemask is the one of the best seller of the brand. I tried it whenever I feel so sorry to my skin for staying late at night. Despite leaving a sticky touch at the second morning, it makes my skin look extra radiant the next day.

Also, I not sure what scent it has infuse, smell like herbal plant / lavender that literally calm your soul. And prep you for a good night sleep , which work just like a cup of milk before sleeping. It works on me. Try these and let me know whether it works on you or not.

12. Clinelle Hot Body Shapper Cream 170ml RM 89.90

This shaping cream is incredibly burn your fat away upon application. You can watch it from my video on my reaction when it "burnt" my skin. It reduces cellulite, flatten tummy, shape and tone your body. Easy application by merely massage it with the metal roller ball.


13. Adidas Climacool Shower Gel 250ml RM 89.90

14. Adidas Climacool Deoderant 35ml RM 4.99

Stay fresh all day long with this innovative shower gel with motion-activated fresh capsules that break upon friction/touch to release 'freshness' as you move!

15. Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel RM 29.90

Soothe and cold your irritated after sun-burnt skin with Aloe Vera from Jeju's island . It instantly moisturize the skin upon come into contact with skin. Our family apply this generally during vacation because you know our skin need instant soothing and cooling for Malaysia outdoor weather.

16. Photobook Malaysia 
-The Simple Book 6X6 Hardcover 20 pages RM 79
-50 X 4R prints RM 25

If you are constantly on Facebook. You wouldn't be a stranger to Photobook Malaysia. Photobook, as the name implies providing book with your choose photos. It is now available in mobile. SImply download and create your very own beautiful photobook to immortalise the moment. Personalised on the go. Click into the link below for more information.

Have yet to try it on my own. Will update here again when I got my own photobook!

Photobook Malaysia

18. G&G Studiobooth

Looking for a photobooth at your birthday party, company annual dinner or event? You can definitely share your idea to G&G studiobooth as they cover a comprehensive range of package from a photobooth with prop + background, Green screen GIF booth, wedding studio booth to fit your needs.

Our birthday party has been spiced up with the great company of each other and the studio booth as you know....we cannot stop taking photo when dress up so nicely, haha.

G&G Studiobooth

I also did an unboxing video of the products I got from the party. Since it's too long, I split it into 2 parts. I talked about the brief review of some products and use some of them on the spot. Click to watch it and give me a like or drop me a comment , okay? Your like could motivate me to make more videos!

Video Part 1 features the following items: 

1. Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream
2. Clinelle UV defense SPF 50 Sunblock
3. Clinelle Pureswiss Hydra Calm Sleeping Mask
4. Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
5. Photobook Malaysia
6. GnG Photobooth
7. Adidas Climacool Deodorant
8. Wanderlust Unicorn Make up Brushes
9. Mamonde Hydro Floral Mist
10. Hadabesei Moisturising Face Mask

Video Part 2 features the following items: 

11. Orkid Lipsticks
12. 1028 Mascara
13. W Lab Eyeshadow Palatte
14. Dollywink Eyeliner
15. Neesya Cleansing Set
16. Adidas Climacool Shower Gel
17. Mamonde Eyeliner (Black) –there is another of brown colour
18. NYX Soft Matter Lip Cream
19. NYX Lip Lustre
20. NYX Wonder Pencil
21. NYX Eyeshadow 

Last but not least , thank you so much to the Butterfly Project Malaysia and all the sponsors here for sourcing so much of girl-screaming beauty products for us! You can always check the review of the products with the link that I have embedded under the product's description! 

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