November 13, 2016

Thank you I ♥ U

It's November, another month before the end of 2016. How do you do so far in 2016? My 2016 has been one of the big changes for me.One of the biggest leap in my life is 

 I have finally graduated with 
Bachelor Honour with Merit 
in English Language!! 

Transforming into a working adult from a university student. I am going to write in another post in the month of December. 

Felt like time flies, and December is coming soon! Christmas just another month away! Personally, I have a lot of people to thank for in my 2016 journey. I cant mention every single individual. But trust me, every single one of you who stay with me during my up and down , I can't be more thankful, and neither I need to express something too personal here =D 

Some of you are :

♥♥Forever gotta be my parents ♥♥
When I was young, I don't understand that why others' parents can make it during their big day like graduation, competition or whatever contest to show support to their child, but not mine. Why, I didn't understand until one day I found out that my dad said this 

"只要你们(妈咪和五个兄弟姐妹)每天有饭吃, 有衣服穿, 这个就是我做工的动力”
As long as you all (his wife and his children) have sufficient food and clothes to live, I would keep on work hard to earn money. 

I could never forget about this. NEVER. This is not the exactly sentence how he said it. But the message is something like that. Then I suddenly realised we are actually the motivation that my dad worked so hard for the past 25 years and NEVER....NEVER ever complaint about it. Not even once. 

And the rest of the story....I think you all can relate to it ady.....

So I was really super duper touched and grateful that my parents were willing to close the shop for one day just to attend my convocation 8 hours away from my hometown and went back again. 

It is also during all these 3 years they spiritually, mentally and financially supported me. I used to not to express gushy, cheesy in the public. But as I grow up, I also learnt that life is too short not to do something you wanted. So I learnt how to balance between to care about others' remark and when not to. 

Well, the stories could keep on going on how much they love me, but lets just keep all these personal =D .

♥ Fireball squad 
It was a bliss to have them. We were classmates. Okay, actually not only them, some of the other classmates too. But I am closest with them, together with some other of the classmate. We went everywhere together, travelled, doing assignments, eating, shitting. They are the one who made my uni life super crazy because they are really steady...erm....we faced a lot of challenges together, and I was so sorry that sometime I was busy joining buddhist events that I wasn't there with them all the time, still they never stop love me. I feel it < 3 < 3 THANK YOU They made me realised

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

As in like anyone's problem is the problem of each other. A truly BLISS. And thank you Vivian and Nitya for the one who always make up initiative to knock me when I was away =P 

♥♥ Buddhist Society friends ♥♥

UTAR Kampar Buddhist Society 7th Executive Committee
Here, we quarelled, pissed off with each other yet backed up and cried together. 

I love my Fireball squad, but I felt lack of something without joining Buddhist Society. They are my forever friends and kalyana mitra (善知识) which I believe that as long as we actively join in any buddhist event in Malaysia, we will still met. Having to stay in Kampar for 3 years. UTAR Buddhist Society Kampar is like my second home. 

♥♥ Boyfriend Wei Sheng ♥♥
I would like to keep it personal for whatever he had done for me. But just you know....I even made 
Oh, by the way, some of his colleagues even called me "Wei Sheng's wife" (伟盛的老婆)

They are still a lot of people who I came across this year that help me to grow to be a better person. I can't be more grateful for that.  Hence, during this season of giving. I wish to give my boyfriend something. 

Something Special

Something to make him Remember me forever

Something that Impress him

Something Personalised

 I found out that Printcious, an online shop that selling customed made t-shirt, mug, cushion, phone cases, puzzle and so on to be a place where I can get something special for him! 

They are always bunch of people we are grateful for and even words can't describe how much thankful we are to them. Because each and everyday we constantly learning from each other, tease each other , hate and love each other. Why not giving something to your special one, express your love and appreciation towards them? 

Below are some of the ideas

I hope that you will found this post useful. And dear my friends, I might not reach you everyday. But there are always some special places in my heart for you. Having just to started my working life, I am currently focusing on building my career. Please give me a call when you miss me, cause you never know how much I miss you too. Even though some of  you are not featured here. 

To the people who care about me, and I care about you
I love you! 

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