June 22, 2016

Klasik Raya Celebration in Sunway Putra Mall

Vintage Volkswagen Bettle Bug

magnificient 60's  retro shop house that bring you back to the heyday of the decade.

Enthralling Classic Pop dance that were the hit of 1960's Malaya movie.

This year, Sunway Putra Mall wanted to surrounded it's shopper with the contemporary 60's classic raya vibe!

Thanks to Seeties, yours truly has been invited to attended the launch of the Raya celebration in Sunway Putra Mall.  #seeties #TAP .

It's been quite sometimes since I last visited Sunway Putra Mall, especially after the Putra Bus Station is not longer a terminal for passenger from East Coast Area to be dropped there. The former Putra Bus Station and Sunway Putra Mall is just apart by a road. And Sunway Putra Mall is accessible via LRT station PWTC, and there is a direct entrance from the LRT station into the shopping mall.

Sunway Putra Mall had been refurbished and renovation for further enhancement since 2 years ago? Well, the information I wish to convey here is that I like the new Sunway Putra Mall after refurbishment, all the new tenant who moved in like H&M, Cotton On, Swarsroski, DC Comic Super Heros, and TGV Cinema as well. The reason I mentioned all these, because they don't have these before the refurbishment, so it's another wonderful shopping mall to shop at for the local community!

In conjunction with Ramadhan and the upcoming Raya festival, Sunway Putra Mall has launched their Klasik Raya decoration and celebration in the mall.

The launch was officiated by Mr HC Chan,the CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks, Tan Sri Razman Hashim, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group along with his wife, Puan Sri Latiffah Kamarudin and Mr Kevin Tan, COO of Sunway Shopping Malls.

4 of the VIP clapped their vintage clapper board followed by confetti to mark the beginning of Raya Klasik at the mall!

Talking about 1960's Retro Malaya, you will certainly will think of P.Ramless, one of the classic figure in the heyday of Malaya Entertaintment industry, and yes, The mall will be screening some of P.Ramless best known's classical films throughout the festive season such as Bujang Lapol, Tiga Abdul and Madu Tiga from 10am to 10pm at the "Panggong" from 17 June to 10 July.

Following the launch, Sunway Putra Mall also officiated a Food Bank campaign. A project initated by the management of the mall and Touching Lives Club Association. The campaigns aims to encourage shoppers to donate non perishable food items to the less fortune.

The Food Bank campaig will continue until next year 2017. The first collection started from 20-26th June 2016 will benefit the people in Pusat Jagaan Lambaian Kasih, Sungai Penchala before Hari Raya.

Well, that is not all. a Malaysia local artist, Nik Qistina serenaded the crowd with "Pulang Di Hari Raya" 

But the highlight of the launch went to the appearance of Greyson Chance, presenting his latest single "Afterlife" , it was fascinating to watch him performing live than watching him through the youtube.


Oh yea, managed to snap a pic of him while his performance. It was so near yet so far, because I didnt get the chance to take photo with him, what a sad case.

Right after the Food Bank campaign, Tan Sri Razman and his wife proceeded to give Raya packets, Sunway Goodies Bag and hampers sponsored by Friends of Burger and Popular Bookstore.

According to Razman, it waas encouragig to see Sunway Shopping Malls is reaching out and touching the lives of the less fortunate, esp during the ramadhan.

Later on, the attendess were ushered to Selera Street Food for an Iftar session, and entertained by classic Malay band, playing those nostalgic and some latest hitz in their genre.

And of course, a vintage OOTD at the main concourse of magnificient 60's 'Panggung" (theatre) which would be the venue for Raya Highlight events

Raya Klasik Dance Performance

18,19,26 June.
3,6,7,9 & 10 July

The P.Ramlee show
17 June- 10July
10am- 10pm

Raya Klasik Fashion Show
25th June
2nd July

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