May 19, 2016


There were so many days in our life. But these day is one of the extra-ordinary day which I feel obliged to blog about it. Because I have taken a lot of pretty pretty photos! and it's a happy day for me!!

28th April 2016
Arrived KL in ETS. 

29th April 2016
Doing revision at home, 

30th APril 2016.
Saturday!! Attending 2 blogger events today!

Thank you my dear, my boy friend for fetching me to Sunway Pyramid for the first event. So Happy get to hang out after staying for 2 days at home.

The event start at 10am in Sunway Pyramid, so you can imagined there were still a lot shop is not yet open when I arrived. Found this cute Star Wars character mini statue and cant resist to not take a photo of them.

Selfie with one of the statue!

FOund  the venue. It is Tulip by That Latte Place located in Marrakesh Lane in SUnway Pyramid.

The design of the restaurant itself is homey, cozy and minimalistic to me, and Me like it!!

some of the food inker and me, my first intention of taking this photo is just to show my boyfriend, might as well just post here lar.

Present you some of the foods that we have reviewed on that day. Not all the foods are here, but you can view here for the food review =D

Both Stella (in-charge of Food Ink Blogger Communication) and me has nothing to do, so we just walked around to pass time. It was so nice to talk to her. She is humble and friendly. Our conversation remain polite but not so awkward. and you knows when girls shopping, we tend to ask opinion from each other. I got a few pieces eyeing on. But too bad, I am on limited budget. 

Anyway, it's so good to come Sunway Pyramid again after like 3 or 4 years since I last visited here. 
Also, I had a terrible encounter when taking uber in Sunway Pyramid. 

Then I went for my second event of the day, it was a Birthday Party with a theme of "Bake & Shop" party, a 3rd Birthday celebration of my favourite blogger community, Butterfly Project Malaysia.

I enjoyed this event so much , and my love to Butterfly Project Community has increased. I made a video for this event too. Click here video below to enjoy it! 

What a coincidence I bum into Lee Shin May , another food inker that went for Tulip food review just now! And of course , take photo with this pretty girl. 
Nice to meet you!! Lee Shin May.

Here are some of the behind the scene.

I didn't know that the decoration inside the pot was edible until I saw somebody eating it. And if you are a bakery, cookies, dessert lovers, here is definitely your favourite spot. Because I like their cookies, it is so milky, butter-ly and delight!

The end product of my deco-BB cushion using the decoration pack that resemble bakery. Each of us were given apron to do it too! Credit to Tammy Lim, the brain behind this birthday party!!

and I am so excited about by new BB cushion (new look), So I kept taking photo of me using this BB cushion.

At night, went back home for dinner. We went to Paradigm Mall after the dinner (with Ws's family). Simultaneously, my brother, JIan Xing was alone shopping around in Mid Valley since 4pm already. Feel a bit heartache for not able to company him since we were both in KL, and he needs me too.

Lesson of the story:
Life is full of making decision.
Work hard to buy a car so that I can go anywhere I wanted.

On the other hand, the baby is Hayden, the little cute nephew of WS.

So, that's the wrap up of my day on 30th April 2016. One of the joyful day in the month of April, A few days ahead of Final time final examination of my undergraduate study.

And I am so blessed so far to have encounter anything. And thank you Maple's Diary to have serve me good, Allow me to documentary my days here. Thank you to you who read my Maple's Diary too, and your support.

Hope you enjoy your day as well!

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