February 3, 2016

Maple OOTD: Looking Stylish still with Slipper =P

Alright, it's not that I planned to pair the look with my slipper, it just that I didn't bring any extra wedges, stiletto or sneakers with me. Slipper is the lightest shoes wear when I bring a lot of other bulky with me to travel from one place to another...

So yea~~ 

Here today, presenting you

Maple's OOTD with SLippER! 
(seriously, this is one of the most unglam thing I have ever done, 
quite funny to do OOTD post on SlippEr!)

Anyway, my slipper is also not the random flat slipper. 

I got this slipper from Tesco. 
It resemble the shape of wedges, hence it still look stylish on me. 

During the testing, 
I found out that
wedges-shape slipper still looking nice on you if you manage to reveal large part of your thigh 

Simple as it is! 
Now, let's take a look on slipper OOTD! 

#1 Pairing with short dress
 Looking nice not? Actually, the tips is to reveal large part of your thigh, then you look better =D

No no, this angle showing my big fat thigh~~ No No nO~~

#2 With High Waist Skirt
 Seriously, you can basically pair any shoes wear with high waist skirt. Because the high waist skirt itself already lengthen your body figure , making you look slimmer than you are.

By the way, my matching outfit with the CNY backdrop in KL Nu Sentral~~

 Partly credit to my vertical black and white stripe top too~~  to make me look slimmer.

 So this is the wholebody outfit~~

#3 Foolproof Crop Top 
 One can never goes wrong with Crop top, as crop top would reveal your sexy tummy. Hence, it make you look thinner. In this pic, it's not a really crop top. but it resemble the length of crop top, which is very short.

Grey Crop Top: Chatuchak Bangkok
Tribal printed pants: From Night market in Bangkok
SLipper: Tesco 
Handbag: Charles & Keith

Hehe, feel so funny, and excited to wear in this way, cause I feel quite unprecedented to have assemble everything cheap cheap in such a classic way~~  Really can't stop praising myself lar~~

This is the look is quite comfortable. 
 It seem that the tribal print at the bottom seem so heavy. 
and the plain grey crop top is clean. 

the pants is so light in weight, and so comfortable to deck it out! 
and the top is of normal weight lar~~ 
Top on with a few hand accessories, necklace. 

It is actually my top who is much more heavier than the bottom. 

Final look with SLippER oN! 

Blooper & Stuff

I was actually quite tired recently. Too many things to do one time. Hence I keep yawning in the train. And my eye make up smudged like this... ==) 

But I need to take OOTD that time. So I went toilet to clean up 
my smudge lower eye lip makeup lor~~ 

Guess which one is the most effective in get rid the smudge make up? 
The answer is 

First use Make Up remover, then Concealer. 

However, it's okay with Concealer first, then further cover with BB cushion. 

Luckily, I have all the make up necessaries with me. So I can dig out the 3 items above all in once. 

 Tadaa.... and here come my clean make up. If you didnt notice, the effect on both my eye are different. Right eye because I use make up remover and didnt cover up with BB cushion, hence the eye bag is quite obvious.

OOTD Summary~~ 

Alright, so here is all the 3 outfits that I have tried on during my stay in KL with legendary slipper =D

Hope you like my this post, and found it entertaining =D

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