February 28, 2016

Unboxing KOSÉ SEKKISEI Trial Kit Set

Harlo~~ my dear readers~~ I actually quite miss my this platform, and eventhough I don't actually update it everyday, I basically visit here everyday. Seriously, my pending post has been stacked up like never before , thanks to my never-ending assignments also~~

So, today's post is about unboxing the very very very Cute Sekkisei Trial Kit Set that I gotten from Kose Sekkisei and  Butterfly Malaysia, mediated by Bridge PR company. Also, if you want to know my review after using them, here it is. 
Seriously, I was so hype up, when I first know that Butterfly Malaysia is going to collaborate with Kose. One of the brand that is no a foreign word to me, as I always see their products get featured in plenties of Fashion & Beauty magazine like Cleo, Ifeel, Newtide, just to name a few.

And I am super glad that it's now on my Hand!!

Not only that, they sent the products to us with a very very meticulous, delicate, cute and I would say romantic way! (I wish that I can show you video now, but I am still working on it. so be patient yea, and came back to this post after like 2 or 3 days to watch the unboxing video!! )

Now you would understand why I said romantic~~ see~~ The floating helium love-shaped balloon to surprise us, the bloggers who received this. This totally melt my heart! The amount of effort they design packaging and sent to us.....

you will understand after you see the video. 

They were 2 different cute packaging, featuring a little cute girl , named Setsuko, means "LIttle Snow"  in Japanese, a perfect match with Sekkisei's aim to bring snow White skin to women who which to achieve that.

What's in the box?

Imagine that when you open the box, then a balloon suddenly flew to you, and the next thing that you see is a lot of cutie pink and white balloon , and amid them....The 5 star products from a brand that every Asian Women wish to get it...

How could I not taking photo with such lovely parcel??

Alright, and now these 5 star products from Kose Sekkisei belongs to me!!

The Sekkisei trial kit set perfect for those who want to try on their product! It's selling at any Kose outlets at Rm 99. Including the following 5 products

1.  SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash 20ml
·     2. SEKKISEI Lotion 100ml
·     3.  SEKKISEI Emulsion 70ml
·      4. SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask 10g
·     5. Bihadagoyomi mask 3pcs
·      6.  Exclusive Setsuko pouch (kimono style or city chic style)

and now these 5 star products from Kose Sekkisei belongs to me!!
I have did some research on the price. This trial kit set is totally worth your money. Because  A bottle of Sekkisei Lotion is selling for Rm 180.20 at 200ml. Even when you try to buy online, that lowest price that I manage to find is Rm 130++ for 200ml. And this haven include the rest of the star products!

If you really satisfied with the outcome, then you can proceed to get a fullsize. FYI, below is the products, size and the respondingly price

1.  SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (140ml/RM131.40)
2. SEKKISEI Lotion (200ml/RM180.20, 360ml/RM275.60)
3. SEKKISEI Emulsion (140ml/RM191.80)
4. SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (80g/RM94.30)

So I can assure you that this is your rare time to invest money on Kose Sekkisei, first it damn super worthy. Secondly, it's not so heavy, so you can carry it even when you are travelling.  

That's all for now.
Do stay tuned on the

1. Unboxing Kose Sekkisei Video
2. Review on the 5 star Products in Kose Sekkisei Trial Kit.

Kose is a Famous Skin care brand from Japan, has been trusted and adored by a great number of women. It has now even developed to have several other brand under Kose, such as Sekkisei Supreme, Infinity, Esprique just to name a few.

Sekkisei has been release since 1985, Sekkisei is commited to help women to attain bright and translucent skin with glowing radiance, just like fresh snow. Using various oriental herbs extracts, Sekkisei products are designed and created for skin translucency.

Til Then! Stay Tuned for my review on the Star Product from Kose Sekkisei!

Review Kose Sekkisei Trial Set

Once again, thanks to Butterfly Malaysia and Kose Sekkisei for having me!! 


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