January 29, 2016

New Attraction in Ipoh Kinta Riverfront: Triple Bicycle to Rent!

Ipoh Bicycle Rental
Office: Kongsi Square, Kinta River Walk, Ipoh
Tel / SMS: +6012-5558503 / +6018-4644692 / +6019-9356726
Facebook: Micias Mica
Email: miciasmam@gmail.com

Information taken from http://www.emily2u.com/ipoh-bicycle-rental/

By the side of mesmerizing Kinta Riverfront View! 

Expect  to have more activities when you visit Ipoh Kinta Riverfront in the from 2016!

Actually Kinta Riverfront has changed a lot since I last visit them like one year ago. Last time, the row of shops at both side are so actived, open until late at night. I visited here again on last Saturday night, only manage to see the rows of shops at Kinta Cycle side were actively engaging people. While the other side (Hagen Daz Ice-cream store, Pub, and other eateries like shrinking a little. )

Anyway, if you don't want to ride on bicycle, you can SCROLL. I mean LIterally SCROLL
there is another stall along the alley to provide the hoverboard rental service!!! OMG, I am so hype on the hoverboard scrolling! But then, I didn't hop on it, as I followed the interest of majority of the geng together, that is to ride on bicycle!!

This is hoverboard in case you don't know =D 

Not sure this service is permanently there, or just pop up for a few months....

YOurs truly awaiting for her prince! ~~ On the Bench inside the centre.

Rental Service Available:
Deposit Rm 10
Duration 30 minutes

Frog Schooter Rm 5

DOuble Rm 10
Triple Rm15
Family Rm 30 (deposit Rm 20)

Pricing of the Beverage (Price are correct as in Jan 2016)

Mineral Water Rm 1.20
SOft Drink Rm 2.20
100 Plus (500ml) Em 2.70
11Plus Edge & Red Bull Rm 3.20


The interior of the shop Kinta Cycle by the Kinta RIverfront

Rental on 1 Tricycle is Rm 15 for 30 minutes

Come along with your friends, you will have fun screaming, cause you are riding up and down from the alley in front of the shop, down to Riverwalk and come up again~~  When you are tired of screaming (cause it's too exciting)

Will I only get to RIDE in 
the limited space Walkway 
in Kinta Riverfront? 

Then you will like Alice in the Wonderland, started to discover there is actually another approximate 4km2     area of bicycke park/jogging track for you to continue to your riding~~ 

Couldn't said that it is safe during night. Cause the only group of people will passes this area would be the one pay to ride. The park come with streetlight on. So it gave us extra assurance lar~~

Business Hour
Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - 12am
Friday 5pm - 12.30pm
Saturday 4pm - 1am
4pm 0 11.30pm

Closed on Monday

Public HOliday: Would be update with the schedule Business Hour

For the Coming Chinese New Year, which will expect a flowing of families and tourists, the business hour during Chinese New Year 2016 would be as follow.

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