January 6, 2016

Messy yet Funny Makeshift Hair Extension + Styling : Sponsored by Irresistible Me

Hi!! Happy 2016!!! Actually I wanted to draft my self reflection in 2015 & resolution in 2016. But I am going back to my campus tonight, to join another camp. Yea, so I have to rush for this post first. 

If you don't know, I just cut my hair short few days ago. 

My actual hair length. 

Do you ever wonder how my hair suddenly become so long, like fairy (hehe)? 

There is more hair styling that I wish I can do. 

Such as....... 


PIcture from Pinterest : HERE


This is so amazing!! Don't you think that most of the time, we always wonder how such complicated knot/styling can be done, but whenever we know the ways, we will laugh at ourselves, how easy (yet it required lots of pratice to make it perfect)  is that.


Wanted to try on this hair style in particular! I always fall for braid. One thing that I realised is that BRAID always make girl look extra SWEET! 

Thanks to Irresisitible Me, I got have received this Clip In Hair Extension from them.

Their packaging : With 4 extra clips given. 

Actually, the way they fold the hair into the packet is quite good, cause it didn't affect the shape of the hair. I opened to see and then packed it back later on. 

Then it turned out to be like this, imbalance curl on different hair, because of the way I keep them. So what I trying to do , is to fold them in extra big curl in a way that it won't affect the hair when I want to use them.

The one that I chose is the Brand Silky Touch
 Silky Chocolate Brown#2 200g , 22inches

It's actually quite heavy to testing with hand. So I didn't put all the strand, as long as the outcome looking natural~~~ 

Remember to comb the fake hair before put on your head. This is avoid the hair become tangle. 

(TOP)  There is only 1 strand of bulky hair, with the web net straps like the picture. It's actually quite hot, and feeling uneasy while putting the most heavy bulk on my head. So make sure you avoid the very hot environment when you want use 22 inch long hair extension. 

(The reason why initially I use the longest hair, because I was thinking maybe if I was bored with super long hair, I can still cut the fake hair, adjust to my favourable length , and even to dye them, curl them! ) 

(BOTTOM)  This is how the clips look like to attach into our hair. Never worried that it won't grip well. Because even me as a first timer, haven't try this before, manage to grip them well. So it's easy & fast to apply. 

The only thing with me, is that I wish I could have grip them in their perfect place, so that they blend naturally with my own hair length, and I can do many MaNy MANY different stylings! I wish I could have one person to help me ~~~ 

Forever my favourite braid! I use pin to knot the end of the braid, because I don't have any rubber band with me. Creative ler~~~

And when I can do on long braids, I always do bohemian style: To put on my forehead. Cause my forehead is actually quite big, putting a braid can divert the attention on my face...or the braid at least! and somehow braid never fails to make me look sweeter!

Also, prepared many MaNy bobbi pins with you....SEE~~ the number of visible pins on my hair. There is more invisible one in Maple's Tresses (Tresses = Hair)~~ hahaha

Here is the evolution of my hair~~~ LIterally Do It Yourself !!
 The outcome with quite satisfying, though it was messy. I feel like this is too much for normal dress up, like dressing up for a bride.

Now, I could have change my hair style in various different ways! And sometimes turn in to Chic Short Hair that I have now!


Tadaa!! The prettiest photos that I like. 

Thanks to my Brooch that enhance the overall Braid! I instancely feel ConFidDent Overboost when I see myself (to be a little prettier that usual) in the mirror~~~ hehe

Long Long hair, that look so natural, like it was part of my hair~~ Quite miracle for the first time user like me~~~

While detaching, I unfold the braids that I made. The strand of hair turned out to be little fairy curls that I like! Fake hair can do this magic ! Because usually it take hours for our original hair to really fixed into the shape. But this fake hair, even though I never spray to fix, it manage to come out with beautiful curl within 40 mins. 

There were quite a numbers of hair (fake hair) drop during the application too, so you have to swept after the dressing. I guess this happen because I keep combing them, as I want them to blend in naturally. So it's just like a normal hair that drops as you comb them =D

(LEFT)  The grips that assemble the fake hair together is by the method of sewing them together, hence it quite firm. But I couldn't guarantee when you iron them with high temperature~~.

(RIGHT)  Comb them again  before you pack them. Then sort them with the same length of strand before put into packet. I used to keep them using rubber band. But I realised rubber band will affect the natural shape of the hair. So this time, I  put them together carefully, neatly but without rubber band.

The dress table that fulfilled the theme of us today too~~ MEssy~~ That's All for  This
(If you want get a stacks of pins with case, you can find it in Daiso =D )

That' Wish to get Make Shift Clip-In Extension? There are 6 different brands, each with different range of hair colours, and hair length for you to choose. Do drop by Irresisitible Me to view them. 

Enjoyable Messy Post

Let me know if you have any question, I will get you the answer if I don't know them =D 

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