November 20, 2015

Cafe 9 : Curated Authentic Thai Restaurant that impress You

Cafe 9 is a Thai restaurant, that establish itself in Jalan University, Petaling Jaya, since May 2014. It's a family restaurant that hired local Thai chef for the cooking. Here, you got to savour the authentic thai food without need to purposely go Thailand.

Thanks to the invitation from Food Ink, I got to try their food which I have seen other bloggers keep talking about cafe 9. Also, this marked my first invitation from Food Ink. =D

 You may have heard about Cafe 9, if you were active in PJ area, if you haven't then you should checked this out. A restaurant serving delectable Thai cuisine.

 Found this right after the entrance, they do serve this beverage in Cafe 9.

 I am absolutely love their welcome soup.  It's a sour in an appetizing way, serve hot, soup but in a cup. I actually request for 2nd cup cause I like this kind of taste. By the way, it is subject on the invidual, I felt like I am the only one who is cray cray about the welcome soup. This soup also has a taste of Thai Fish Sauce inside. I personally don't like the taste of fish sauce, but this is good.

 Boy friend ordered Latte, and it comes with cute Latte Art! Using Thai Coffee Beans

 Guava Asam Boi

Miang Kam (Betel Leaf Appetiser) - RM15.90

Perhaps this is my first time trying some thai leaf appetiser, I didn't expect much on the appetiser. When I saw the presentation, I thought that the salad is not as crunchy as expected. But this appetiser was surprising delicious! 

Sauteed dry shrimp, roasted peanut, coconut flake are all fried before serving. Using the Betel Leaf put all the rest of the element, chili padi, lime,ginger, onion and homemade special sauce, wrapping it all, and put into your mouth, munch it and you find assortment of various texture inside! The raw onion is not that spicy as I expected. The homemade special sauce(serving hot) (the lady boss told us different chef would make a different Miang Kam sauce)totally enhance the wrapping. 


 Fish Cake (5 pieces) Rm 17.90

You can opt to pair with Sweet Chilli sauce, but the fish cake is good on it's own. Using Tenggiri Fish,blend from scratch,  they beat the fish until it's chewy, mix with Red Curry Paste and deep fried. It was a delectable dish that I can hardly forgotten. 

Prawn Cakes (5 pieces) -  Rm 18.90

Made from Fresh prawn to Prawn paste, then deep fried with bread crumbs. The crumbs layer and the prawn paste gave us the different texture.

First round of food that have been served. so nice~~~

Laab Gai Salad Rm 14

'Gai' means Chicken in Thai. You can choose to eat with the fresh vege at the side or just eat like that. It look like main dishes for Chinese, but it's really salad, hence it's a bit sour.

1.    Laab Gai Tod Rm 16

Also known as Fried Chicken Salad, people would love Thai food would love this. Though it's not that spicy as the authentic thai food, it's a bit sour and fried to the perfection. You would like to have this when you come here =D 

Certain Thai food can be really so chilli-spicy, however after feedback from the local (Malaysian customer), they reduce their spiciness level. This being said that, you can ask for authentic spicy if you favour hot!Sometimes, there would automated serve original spicy level of food when there is Thai people drop by too. 

Second round of the food served.

Next, we had clear soup Tom Yum serve. You can opt for choices of Chicken or Seafood. Compare to Red tom yum soup, this is mean to be more sour. also with a hint of fish sauce. 

Red Tom Yum Seafood 

Rm 25.90 (Regular)
Rm 45.90 (Large)

Cook with coconut milk, hence it's suit for those who like milky! (Me! ) It's overall quite good, but really less spicy compare to those I try in Bangkok.

Stir Fried Lala (Thai curry style) Rm 16.00

If you notice the semi-soild paste on the surface on clam, it's actually making from egg. Egg made curry. that come with a mild sweet taste. 

According to the lady boss, they served us mild Spicy Lala, there is hotte VERY SPICY to choose too. But , frankly, I already feel like this is quite spicy. (FYI, I consider my spiciness tolerate level is quite low)

Coriander Lala Rm 16

I couldn't stop eating this , cause it's a choice of less spicy, and feel like more healthy in someway, haha. 

Thai Hot Basil Fish Rm 40 (4 pax). Rm 49 (6-8 pax)

I not sure if Basil has a lot of bones to pick up or not, but this dishes is certainly a delight to see. Simply take the fish pieces, take some of the vege that come along if you like it. It's so delicious! 

Thai Omelette Rm 10.90

Looking ordinary, but I enjoy each of the dishes including this plain looking omelette. Initially, I thought the chef has putting some milk into the omelette, but no milk is putting. The way the chef fry using big wok and toss it while frying made this omelette extra fluffy. 

Overall, all the dishes serving to us on the day are so delicious. We can really see how the chef is customise each of the dishes that give me surprise, like the crunchiness in the salad, and how much effort they use to prepare the Basil fish. I feel like the description that I put after each food photo is really an understatement. You should really give this restaurant a try, and ask for more spicy if you like it. There is some extra delicious in each of the dishes. Even the plain-looking omelette is so fluffy that it surprise me. 

You can scroll to the bottom of this post, to see one of the offer that is Rm 40 for 2 person which is quite attractive for me. Come have a try on their food with this damn worthy combo. 


Open daily, except Tuesday. 

This restaurant also accustom to customer. You can bring fish from outside, to let the chef cook. It's a pork free restaurant, if you were muslim who is not too particular, this is where you can try on authentic Thai Food. Fret not, even the Thai Fish sauce they used is certified halal. 

Whereas for those who drink wine, you can bring your wine here, cause there already have the wine to cater your wine drinking session. 

Wifi , equipped, come here for a taste of Thai , for family, corporate catering or just couple to have lunch, dinner. 

 This has nothing much to do with us, the people who come here to eat, It's actually the place where the waitress prepare beverages.

 Photo taken by boy friend, Cafe 9 is so easy to find, and it's located at the corner of shoplot.

Found out this before I left. It's only Rm 35-45 for 2 person, which is damn worthy, esp after I tried their fish cake, and Tom yum,I know the price is damn worthy~~ 

Wifi: Available

Address: 27, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya, 46400 Selangor.

Contact no:  03-79322899

Business Hours: 
11.00am – 4.00pm
6.00pm – 10.00 pm

(Open daily, except Tuesday)

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