September 7, 2015

User Review:

First of all, this post is not a sponsored-post, nor it is asked to review by the I just feel the obligation to do this.

I did a review on this app simply because I think it is USEFUL
 for me.
 for people who like to eat.
For people who stay in KLang Valley area,
& wish to eat with cheaper price than usual.

I went to D'ez coffee and wanna to order a drink. It was a Friday afternoon, I saw this paper stand displayed 30% discount if download the apps "Offpeak" so I just follow the instruction to download it.

Salad from Chai Bar

Normal price : Rm 13.90
Offpeak price : Rm 11.80 (15% offer)

Steamed milk from D'ez Coffee

Normal price : Rm 8.90
Offpeak price : Rm 6.65 (30% discount)

Updated 30th Sept 2015

I am 80's cafe

Carbonara Ham RM 22
Signature Teh Tarik Rm 10

Normal price :Rm 32
Offpeak price: Rm 24.65 (30% discount)

If you don't know both the places above are in Oasis Square Ara Damansara, in fact, I search through there were quite a lot of restaurant collaborate with Offpeak to benefits it's users! 

Some of the restaurant list in Oasis Square. 

It is Friday, still consider a weekend today. so I went to D'ez coffee to chillax while updating my blog. While ordering a cup of steamed milk, I saw this standing paper of saying 30% discount from the normal price while order the restaurant from the apps "OFFPEAK" . And I immediately got to redeem it!

Another thing that is that it has the column for menu & gallery. some restaurant would show their price too.

And they might be 50% discount which is a bit hard to believe!

I realised that most of the restaurant in the list of OFFPEAK, their price would usually more than Rm 10. Which I consider middle to high end type of restaurant. These kind of restaurants are the type that I like, it has it's own special stand point. If you are the type who is willing to splurge on good food in Klang Valley or Ipoh area, this would suit you.

However, despite the name OFFPEAK, there were some restaurants that offer discount during the weekend, or peakhour such as Sunday 8pm as well. But, subject to the restaurant's choice as well.

 Caption: The search result that come out from the time and date that I keyed in as the left photo shown.

You can ensure the avaibility of the restaurant using their SEARCH feature.

Simple key in the Date, Time and Area you wish to visit, and to my surprise, wide array of selections coming out. Like EspressoLab that offer 50% during the offpeak time, now offer 20% on their food.

Also, remember to read their Terms & Conditions , you don't wanna get disspointed when you visit,right?

That's all my review about OFFPEAK, let me know what you think yea =D


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