September 9, 2015

Project Space SS15: Music cafe & Bazaar

Date visited: 8th Sept 2015

I have known the opening of Project Space , a cafe by Jane Chuck, Daphne Charice and two of their partner since their opening, seeing this in instagram months ago. And I really wanted to pay a visit to Project Space because it's opened by famous bloggers in Malaysia.

So there was this Bazaar in Project Space, and i knew this is the chance! (A chance to meet them in person, and cafe hopping too).

 What's more?

It's a bazaar, and Jane Chuck would  be spinning there too!
(I felt like I seize the rarest chance, hehe. Cause I am really not a clubbing person mar, won't purposely go club to see her spin. )

 Cafe Hopping wouldn't complete with these.

Chocolate Rm 12
Mocha Rm 13

Red Velvet cake Rm 12
Hazelnut Nutella cake Rm 12

The Hazelnut taste better than Red Velvet, chocolate-y taste, moist and a tab bit of sweet. 

 The Red Velvet is not that sweet as I excepted. Eventhough moist, it's doesn't taste better. I like the white cream (or cheesecream I not sure) only.

到此一游的证据 =D
(compulsory pose with their signature glass window also , hehe)

 If you notice, there is another glass panel behind me. Project Space is a cafe on the first floor. The ground floor is a Muslim Indian Mamak restaurant. I am quite surprise to see that despite it's a cafe at the first floor, it's still manage to has it's own alfresco area. SOmething that I don't see everyday.

I not sure how it look like usually, cause the space has already occupied for the bazaar purpose, vendors selling interesting things such as temporary tatoo, hoverboard, clothes, Korean-imported accessories and so on.

With Sharon Lee, who we quite excited to pay a visit here. 

and I got to meet a few of leng lui whom I followed in Instagram long time ago.
 Meet Isabelle Mama, she looks young,right? 

But she is actually a mother of two. I feel like I am even looking older standing beside her. Not fair~~ also, her daughter is so cute!! SO so cute that every one pay attention on her. Btw, she is one of the vendor selling hover board, a cool device that walk you everywhere. Click the link that has underline for more infor.

Video of me riding on the Hover Board. Thank you Sharon for helping me to record this!

with  Povy Teng

One of the pretty blogger that I followed on Instagram too! She was selling  Miss star Fresh, somethign that you can hang inside the car for frangrance.

We also met someone who share the same level of  enthusiatic together! Meet Joey Shu Yi, we just knew her through this Bazaar. She came down purposely from a far city, I forgotten where. Shah Alam? Kepong? just to meet Jane Chuck them. She also like Twenty3 fashion brand like Sharon Lee.  ^^

Us with the Space.

 I quite regret I didn't go for this henna tattoo. Apparently, the Henna tattoo last longer than the fake sticker one. And it cost only Rm 5.

CLick here if you want to see the live show =D

 Yea!! And my selfie with super Leng lui Jane CHuck!!

In fact, not only her. She and the rest of famour bloggers, leng lui-s, There were not that arrogant at all. They were quite friendly, and would attend to you if you really want to take photo with them.

I feel like they really live at the moment compare to us. LIke me, It seems like I went there to take photos only. But I don't visit here everyday, photo is a best solution to remember this mar~~

57-1, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya. 

11am - Late night.

instagram: projectspace_

Facebook page: Project Space