September 8, 2015

Beauty review: Kate Lasting Eyebrow

Finally it's here! I has been wanted to blog about this since 2 weeks ago, when I saw the launching of this Lasting Eyebrow. But I has been quite occupied , also it took time for me to take such a good photos also. So only  until today, I manage to blog about it.

Kate Lasting Eyebrow Rm 55

2 different shape of pencil
Flat end
Pointy end

2 different colours;

I am using BR-3 since I don't have any near-brown-dyed hair. 

What is so special about this product is that it has 2 ends with 2 different performance. It is quite easy to use, actually. I especially like the blending sponge. 


It is not only a sponge, the sponge would come out with some powder as you swatch on it. I used the sponge end to roughly shape the outline of the eyebrow shape that I wanted, before I used the pencil end.

The colour from the sponge is lighter than the pencil. I start and end with it.

Then I used flat pencil to re-define my eyebrow shape, make it clearer, and sharp. Also, I use the pencil to fill in the gap within the eyebrow.

And TADAA~~Done only in 2 simple steps.


I like this product has 2 ending for different outcome. I like the blending sponge, something to create a natural eyebrow , you can even skipping the eyebrow brush. And the flat pencil is so ideal to create a Korean straight eyebrow look. Eventhough I only manage to pull out with arch eyebrow, I still like the flat pencil for it can be use as pointy pencil too!

It is so portable, convenient for travelling. Instead of bringing eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder. I only need to bring Kate Lasting Eyebrow. sort of like 3 in 1 for me.

Now, take a look on how to use Kate Lasting Eyebrow.

I even post a video on instagram, shooting that me using the Kate Lasting Eyebrow. Feel free to view it, and like it, and follow me! THanks! 

Ending this post with my proud vintage, pinkish feel of Kate Lasting Eyebrow. 
                                                      Kate Lasting Eyebrow Rm 55

Er hem~~ btw, why need to care about your eyebrow when you make up? 

See the difference between me and two of my leng lui beside me? got it got it? 

Now you understand the importance of having a good looking, trimmed eyebrow? I feel so undress whenever I see this!!