July 29, 2015

OOTD + Accompany my bro to UTP

This is really a very random outfit. Surprisingly it comes out so nice! Not sure it's my tall body figure that carry it well or the outfit itself simply looking nice.

He is quite tall also hor~~~

Went to UTP Tronoh or Iskandar Shah to accompany my younger brother for Entrance Interview. He aimed for Civil Engineering, and now he is few months in UTP already.

Looking confident yo~~
Because this is unusual event that he wore formal attire, took a few handsome pic of him.

We came here on time, however we skipped breakfast because of this.

OH, so that's meaning my bro actually started his first day on 23rd March 2015. Time really flies, I feel like he is already 2 semesters there.

Just some pic post.

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