July 15, 2015

My experience with UberX

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, all the participants that joining a workshop were given a promotional code "MYUBERBUTTERFLY" to get a return trip/2 ways trip that worth RM 30 each.
And this goes my first ever experience with Uber service.

What is Uber service?
Uber is a ride on demand, similar to taxi, but all the drivers in Uber are basically anyone, they are not taxi driverm they maybe moonlighting , when the occupation can be  a salesman or anything.

Hehe, during my first time with Uber, (after I have gotten into the car, I still thinking that Uber is another kind of taxi service, like MyTeksi). Until the driver explain to me, I have only gotten a little picture of it.

I was going with a blue Toyota Wish for the first time, then I still blur blur thinking that all the Uber taxi are blue, just like all the taxi are red, and all MyTeksi are green. Then later on, I just learnt that the car for Uber can be any colour, any model as long as it is mid-size or full size 4 doors vehicle. Because there are actually personal car own by the driver themselves.

My selfie in the car. Though there are hanging plush toys and hanger at the back, but I could assure you that the ambience in the car great, spacious, comfortable, feel like a VIP, and not old or smelly like the usual taxi.

Now you can calling UBER by simply an apps. After you download an apps, you need to sign in first. Since Uber apply cashless system, you will need to key in your credit card details. Initially

After you chose your pick up location, you will choose the type of vehicle that you want to go with. From the cheapest uberX, to middle class BLACK until luxurious LUX. However, LUX only available for certain period only. (However, just checking the UBER website, they actually have 5 types of UBER available worldwide , however, so far they are only 3 types in Malaysia.  )

taken from their official site

To explain further on how to use UBER , it's mainly about how to use the apps, so this post would be full of my cell phone print screen pictures only~~~

 The screen that get me a heart attack. Because it's written CREDIT CARD there, I thought only CREDIT CARD will do. For your information, YOU CANNOT PROCEED FURTHER WITHOUT FILLING IN THE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.

Thinking that without credit card, how do I go to my destination (my destination was to go to Damansara Perdana, attending a bloging 101 workshop organised by The Butterfly Malaysia) ??  I was quite panicked I asked Tammy how, then she mentioned Debit Card, only I tried that. And luckily, I can proceed.

After that you need to pin-point your destination.Then,  choose the type of uber that you want to ride with.I did not choosing BLACK, that is just for illustration.

Confirmed your ride clicking "REQUEST uberX"

You can also click to view the estimated fare before you confirmed

You cannot book uber few hours in advance. This will Show after you confirm your booking. This will come out.
En Route meaning On the way
On the way to Gamelan restaurant to pick passenger. 

There are different rate for different type of type. For uberX, it is

Base Fare: Rm 2
Distance: Rm 0.70/km
Time: Rm 0.35 /minutes

Let's say you took 6 minutes to travel a distance of 5km using uber X, then you fare would be
Base Fare: Rm 2
Distance:RM 3.50
Time: Rm 2.1

total= Rm 7.60

I tried not to confuse my reader. But this is the latest search on website. AND I already sent them an email to check this out with them.

THis is my fare on the first ride. Lucikly it is from voucher code, I no need to pay, hehe. However, the comfortable level is just so different. I feel like I am a VIP even with UberX.

SO now, you are want to try too. (So far Uber only in Klang Valley and Penang area. ). Here is the

1. Cannot book in advance.
Like It is now 9am. I want to book an uber which the pick up location at 4pm. CANNOT, so far you have to book it 7-15miutes earlier before your ride.

2. Must have credit or debit card.
It is necessary for user to fill in credit or debit card detail. Eventhough you are very confirm that you have some RM 40 promotion code, which is more than enough, you still have to key in. However, the key in of credit card is only for sign up purpose. You can still later switch to other credit/debit card after sign up.Available credit in your account will be automatically applied to your next trip.

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