July 17, 2015

Blogging 101 Workshop by The Butterfly Project

I was going to class again!! 

No lar~~ It was a Blogging 101 workshop organised by The Butterfly Project 

It's been sometime since I last attended this workshop. Being so busy with work until I only have little time to blog before Hari Raya. So far I still very grateful with the life I have in KL. It's really the life that I want. Being busy in both working and blogging and attending blogger's event is really something that I want. However, I do working when working. And enjoy when blogging. Even though I miss cooking sometimes.

Though I would feel worn -out at times, still I cannot stop being grateful for this. Attending Blogging 101 Workshop is my second events after I came to KL. It fall on 20th June. A nice Saturday after worked.

Courtesy of this event, it's my first time taking Uber there too, for free! I even blog my experience about it. Click here for my riding experience. =D

There are 4 wonderful, friendly speakers  + 2 shining personalities to spice up the workshop.

I guess what bring these people together is their passion on what they do!

Well , before the workshop start, we were having great time mingle around.

 I was so serious!! Trying to capture the best moment happening here! Just tried to play with the camera with the big screen attached by Kiwi Studio.

Bloom This decorated the corner meticulously. See, I also look pretty here~~~ hehehe. Bloom this is so generous, we were going back with Bloom This flower!!! So LOVE!!

 With Aoron Aw, whom I never expect could make me laugh so hard. He is indeed a funny guy, but he has something more than that.

 Soon, Tehmina Kaoosji, a TV host aka our MC of the day started for our workshop.

Before any speaker talk, Aoron Aw bringing the ambience to the peak high by cracking joke, making us laugh with his funny hilarious pun, riddle.

(Photo from The Butterfly Project facebook page, credit to Steven Goh, photographer of the event. )

 The first one is Tammy Lim, the founder of The Butterfly Project, a beauty & lifestyle blogger community in Malaysia. It's is also the idea of Tammy who initiated the workshop.I have been wishing a blogging workshop, beauty blogger workshop, photography and tips this kind of things to happen in Malaysia. And now it happened! Thanks to The Butterfly Project for organizing the workshop! A workshop that bring bloggers together, sharing  tips and information among blogosphere.

Next we had Leonard Dee, a PR director from Bridges sharing about quality content. He is being quite resourceful from the talk he presented. Since he is PR (Public Relation) manager, he talked more from the point of view of a PR agency, and interaction between us , the blogger and PR manager.  Now I gotta share some on what he share which I think would be useful for me.

1. Customise your content, never be the same with others, because no one want to read the same things.

2. MCMC (Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission) are one of the authority who monitor on the internet content in Malaysia, though MCMC is not the only authorities, cases like defamation, fraud. hacking are monitored by Royal Police Malaysia also. (PDRM)

3. People from the brand are more likely to to engage in people who believe in the brand as well. Like Brand A pr won't find a blogger to like Brand B to do promotion for them.

Sorry for poor quality photo. I just want to listen during the moment. 

Christopher Tock, a co-founder and CEO of Social Grooves, (a digital agency company which help in several famous celebrities too. ). He talked about Kiss Ass Content. A blogger and his/her blog itself is a branding, just like any product has theirs. There were some people who attend an events by invited beause their appearance grace the event. Like superstar. He is not telling us how to be famous lar, but how to create your own credible branding with niche. Be precise , find your own niche and be consistent in updating. 

Lastly we have Arpita Kaur Bajaj , who graduated with Master of Science in Economic Crime Management, Law & Psychology. As a beauty blogger from Singapore herself, she would like to share what is it the blogger right.

What would you do if you attended a food review, and the food is too lousy, you cant stand for it. Can we reject it?

Despite the previous 3 male speakers are more humorous in presenting (which is good!), I like her talk the most, cause she pointed out the problems that I would probably face in the future. I snapped a slide, that I would like to share with you all, which is the difference between consumer and blogger.

I was particularly struck when she mentioned that as a blogger that has the chance to first try a product, we somehow represent the voice of people. As we are given more information about the product compare to consumer. Blogger, somehow, we have the obligation to feedback about the product to the PR of the company or company itself. In fact, some of very happy to receive feedback from people who tried their product.

I also happened to see some events, say food review, the food and service were better than when consumer was there. I mean we are happy if you show how much you welcome the blogger to review your event, but the quality shouldn't be degraded ( Food become smaller size, less ingredient, air-cond was turn off) when consumer was patronising. I feel especially embarassed when my friends purposely go to a restaurant to eat after seeing my review, and ended up having unpleasant encounter unlike the one review in my blog. Okay, I been off-tracked. Just hope that this won't happen anymore, and if anything happen, not only the blogger should standout knowing the truth, the consumer itself should voice out too.

 Thank you Tony Moly for the fair amount of skincare and cosmetic, which I like the most!!

 By Deliccia. 

I like the idea of Deliccia!! Buying this cookies in support of single mom!!

 How could I miss the chance taking photos with other pretties here~~~

 With Betty Liew, the first one that I met and talk with. She is really sensible and wise in a way. I talked so long with her. I really like her lar~~

 Regina Chan , a  fashion blogger  despite being new, her blog design and the content is so professional doesnt showing any sign of new. & Rebecca Wong,  a lifestyle blogger, whom we are quite closed actually.

with Sharon Lee, I have seen so actively on facebook, been quite looking forward to meet her after reading her blog.

With this pretty girl, Michelle. blog at here.

I always feel blessed for the chance that opportunity given that make me climb to a new high, tried more new stuff. So I feel the need to not letting her feeling alone, despite being a new one in Butterfly Family.

Last but not least, ended this post with group photo of us!

If you wish to see more of the photos of this events, here is the link.

Have a nice day ahead!! =D

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