December 8, 2014

Seeties- Jumpface campaign

Seeties would be going public !!  As a celebration of their nationwide launching, a never-celebrated idea campaign would be launch at the same time. Guess what?? The prize for the campaign would be a Skydiving at 10,  000 ft tall!

Yes! you see it right~~ 10, 000 ft tall!!!

What is Seeties?
Seeties is an apps on mobile phone and access through laptop as well. It post recommendations by the local. The recommendations range from Food, travel places, fashion, product, staycation , art and entertaintment and so on!

Loaded with pictures and max 1000 words, you can read it easily even it smartphone. Simply search Seeties in play store, then you can download it for free!

I was a seetizen expert too! So join me here in

Bear with me~~ I know I kind of vain~~ but I like my sakura pinky background so much!! Alright, so just follow me if you like my recommendations yea~~ and also leave comment there, thanks in advance for your support!

For those who love to explore, who is adventurous, this is a chance for you!

How does the Jump work?
 7 FREE skydiving adventures would be given away. Each of them worth RM3,000! 

excited,right??!! You can join the Jumpface campaign to win yourself a skydiving!! (Never know there is a skydiving in Malaysia?? ). 

1. Click on "Create My Jumpface" and connect with your Facebook account
2. Upload a selfie of your Jumpface, imagine yourself falling down from the plane. Be creative!
3. Share your Jumpface on Facebook and invite your friends to vote - as many times as possible (people can vote for the same person once everyday, till the end of the campaign)
4. 7 contestants who receive the most votes by 3 January 2015 win a FREE skydiving! Start your JUMP campaign today!

Last but not least, I joined in this campaign too! I need your support so please vote me, k? thank you I love u!

you will see me in this not-so-me face. My friend, Kar Ming ask me to be as creative as possible. So I really imagine myself jump from a plane lor~~ I think my face would be more exaggerate from this if I really jump from the plane. Instead of using blower, I use fan. But I wanted to use blower too!! Perhaps will change another pic again, so if you can't my this pic anymore, you can vote Maple. I think I am the only Maple there, haha. 

Again, click here to join the jumpface! 

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