November 2, 2014

Love Hate KL

Do you know what people do when they stress?

I like to blog to temporary forget about my problem. So I have made this comic, I planned to post this earlier~~ but I am so busy I don't have time to blog. Today, I rearranged all the files in my desktop, so I will just clear anything unnecessary =)

 I hope you enjoy the comic~~


bump across this bookshop in Farenheit 88. Forgotten the name of the book shop.But it's actually under the same management with Big Bad Wolf, this explain why the books so very very affordable. They have "The Fault in our Stars" too~~~ only for Rm16 or Rm8 when the normal price is Rm30++. I tried to order this book from them, but their don't accept pre-order, as the avaibility is depend on the supplier~~~

Paiseh~~ if you having problem to read the word in the is " PJ cheras Ampang, Sri Petaling~~


  1. haha your comics very cute >.< the bookshop is called Bookxcess, they have one in Amcorp Mall also :) I go there all the time!

  2. Hi! Cholyin!! thanks for your infor~~ can really sense that u love reading =)

  3. cute comics! u did took effort to create them but i don't get the last one why is it related with a blue fish? hahaha...

  4. hi ky. haha. hehe, that one hor, I simply draw. coz my dream house must be spacious enough to have fish pool and swimming pool.

    Prefer swimming pool more,but people is hard to draw, so I drew a fish instead, haha


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