September 10, 2014

Nam Heong White Coffee

updated on 15th dec 2014:

other food that I try

Hi~~  Today I like to let you to have a 2D tour of one of the must visit place in Ipoh.

It's an eatery, Yea, it's the long established don't know since how many years. Also it's the pioneer of Old Town White Coffee that basically available in every corner in Malaysia now.Namely

NAM HEONG old town White Coffee.

I always going there during the merry Sunday, which then I have to wait to seat as everytime there is a lot of people there. Not sure how it looks like during weekday. 

Nam Heong White Coffee, different from the typical Old Town White Coffee. Here, it's a 7 stalls hawker centre. Each of the stalls selling different food that each has it's highlight!  (No offence: I always eat economic rice , so I don't feel like want to order it anymore.)

Many come here of it's original Old TownWhite Coffee. Can you guess which one is the
 coffee + milk tea 
milk tea?

the price is less than Rm2....Rm1.70 is not mistaken

Since I am not a coffee person, I only ordered the milktea, I don't know how to describe it, slightly better than milk tea that you drink anywhere else. Differents in....the taste is just ngam ngam, (perfectly adjust) I guess, like it's has subtle taste of tea , and not too sweet overall.

Bf order this campur. It's nice though, smooth. Can quite geniune.....lost of word to describe it...why not you just try them yourself??

And now it comes to the highlight of this restaurant. (As I am not a coffee person, milktea is the highlight instead of the coffee). Actually there are quite many highlights! I feel like want to try every of the food there except the economic rice that selling at the front door there. Somehow, seeing how the food is served on table of others, the appearance, the aroma really make me think that every food here is worth to try! Like each of them is so damn delicious!

First highlight:

the super cruchy, condensed egg tart. 

this make me drooling! 

the filling is so full like you already full after eating one. But later on, you will crave for more.
And it is still edible after one day promising that you keep them in fridge. Just that the crunchiness all gone as time goes by.  

Second highlight:
Curry mee Rm4.50

Special ler~~ haven seen curry mee with Chinese roast pork. The mint garnish the overall appearance as well as the taste. I personally perfer dry curry mee than curry mee. Dry curry mee mix with Kam lao also very taste good!

Dry curry Mee Rm4.50

Honestly, I prefer dry curry mee more than the normal one. I wish i could bring my family here~~

The curry mee, cry curry mee all come from this stall. I like to order from this stall, because their portion is suffice enough to make me full. Hehe

Third highlight

This Chao Keuy Tiaw is superb! Just that it's a small size serving. Should try this, the sambal is nice also.

Chaw Keuy Tiaw Rm4

I have yet to try other dishes in their dim sum stalls, the chicken hor fun...and the apam balik outside at the front door.

Oh yea, and there is this kedai kopi opposite the Nam Heong. And according to my bf, it is famous for their curry mee.

2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.