September 20, 2014

2D1N to KL for beautifest event & buying dress for attending convocation

Good day! Went to KL to join a blogger event last week! So this post will basically reveal what I have done in KL.

 Before that, this is what I could the night before. Pretty much nice to see and eat ^^

Day 1
shopping alone around Bukit Bintang.  It's quite boring actually, bear in mind I went to shop immediately right after I reach KL. I first trying clothes in Kitchen and this were some of them =)

Buying clothes for attending my bf convo's in October! Quite excited when thinking of it.

Didn't buy anything from kitschen, cause I always think I can get a better and cheaper one at Mirrocle. End up I lingered  in F block for the longest period. Mainly due to their friendly sales girls whose are quite enthusiastic in giving constructive opinions =)

My requirements for attending convocation:
1. not to bright until I grab all the attention of my boy friend =P
2. Elegant! (therefore, it must be a dress, a frock dress pairing high heel or wedges)
3. Neither too casual or formal.
4. can be use in any other events as well

This is actually my nth choice, after seeing the outfit on manikins , I requested I wanted what it wears.

The light in the fitting room is real flattering!

This is another maxi dress that I quite fond of. Only Rm44. I didn't buy in the end, cause my purpose is to buy a dress for attending convocation.

I don't know what's wrong this outfit make me look fat!

I was quite hestitant I spent around 1 hour inside the fitting room, just to playing pairing and matching. The lighting is quite flattering so I can't stop myself from trying lar. Luckily I shop alone, else I wonder how my companion will react~~

Oh yea, in the end, I bought 2 pieces. The first one is the white top here, and another pieces of frock which I didn't show here, cause I want to keep my outfit in secret =P

Post this on facebook and many think that I am a god mother already, but well, I am not. Just visited my friend in confinement after half day shopping.

Day 2

Really thanks to Ivy Gan for fetching me to the venue of the event! We didn't know each other until I contact her, asking to go the event together, and she is so kind and helpful to help me!

Breakfast together before we went there. Didn't know why I was so hungry, probably the adrenaline rush, looking forward to join the event and make over!

Here's a little sneak peek at the blogger event- Beautifest. Which is up next post!

After the makeover

Our MUA were crazier than us!

And then my virgin awkward public catwalk. #embarassing . Well, you don't see me in this , this awkward moment that often,right? so make sure you read my next post!

Wayward to KL sentral, waiting for 3 hours before back to Kampar.Noming KFC for dinner.  It was fun and tiring day though!


  1. camy, too many outfit, u mean the white top with the black asymetric skirt?


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