September 14, 2014

20 facts about Me

I found this "20facts about me" going viral recently. It's quite interesting, so I decide to play also, eventhough I have no body to nominate me =D

1. I studies STPM before, and then I don't know what I want to become in the future. Hence, I decided to follow my mom's advice to study Pharmacy. Hence, I study Foundation in Health Sciences again for one year. After I completed my foundation, I decided I don't want to be a pharmacist in the future, facing drug is lame for me, or maybe I might prescribe wrong medicine to patient!

I wanted to be a teacher. And English teacher is most demanding in Malaysia. Hence, without any intention to study English before, I am pursuing it now.

2. I have a roller coster emotion, I get happy and sad easily. SO unstable I must learn how to control my emotion.

3. I am an analytic learner. Meaning I look into something very particular while perfoming any stuff.

4. I blog since 2008. This blog is the first place where I blog. I found my passion in blogging I don't why. So now I have various other blogs.

Wedding and dating:

Random thought/life update:

Academic blog:

Recommendation to others:

I don't regularly update some of the blogs, but it doesn't mean I abandon them, each of them telling different domains of my life. And I only blog when I really want to find a way to pour my thought.

So remember to add me when you have any of this account yea!

And then, as a competent blogger =P , I also has an account in google+, youtube, pinterest, and of course instagram .

5. I am the eldest in among our 5 siblings.

6. I have a special affection for beach. Crystal clear beach, no those dirty type of beach.

7. I don't like people throw something away when they can choose to recycle it.

When we were form 3, we learnt about CFC from aircond, and then air, water and land pollution in geographic right? At the end of the chapter, the textbook does summarise some solutions for us. Like switch off our electricity when not in use...bla bla bla things like that. Ironically, my cikgu always didn't turn off the light and fan in their pejabat (office) when we went to perhimpunan.

8. I don't always study for the sake of examination. So let's us practice what we have learnt, ok? learn how to reduce a trash from the world =)

Since i don't always study for the sake of examination, I sometime will revise the subject again, eventhough the paper has done and I actually should study the next paper.

9. Believing in action speak louder than words. Believing in acting impulsive in your passion will produce a better outcome.

10. I love dance, but I focus on gym now. Whatever~~

11. I only learned to cook after surgery in my neck at the age of.....19/20? Because I went to join a healthy life programme, and I started to cook with organic healthy meal. However, as time pass by, my conciousness about healthy is reduce. Not to said it's a sad case that I revert to normal diet. I will still sometime cook healthy food for myself too. And I like to track confinement diet, thinking that it might be useful for me in the future, and confinement diet is better healthy food compare to normal food. #thatswhatithought.

12. I love dance to the extend I once intended to choose dance as my tertiary major.

13. I like dessert, cake I once plan to study culinary art.

14. Oh yea, I am also very hestitant and don't really know what I want.

15. But once I know what I want....God Damn It, I have a clear direction than anyone else. Like I really know what I want to do in dance, and cooking.

16. It's okay with my friends offend me sometimes, I will still tolerate with it. But it's hard to get back together once you go beyond the least for now.

17. I plan to learn swimming and get a diving licence. So that I can follow the pace of my boyfriend. Well, action needed =P

18.  Chocolate milk, cheese, confectionary is my favourite.

19. So far I am quite satisfied with my life. Eventhough I can't stop demanding.

20. I hope I can end this post with something inspirational, motivational. Erm.....I think a lot. I want to enjoy very ongoing moment. Do a thing at one time. Best wishes for you too! =D

Best wishes bEsT wisheS Best wiShes Best Wishes Best wishes Best Wishes..Best wishes bEsT WiShes

Oh yea, as you read the very best wishes there, the Best wishes will be there with you. Good Day!

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