November 8, 2013

Hari Haji at Penang 2013

Hi, my love!! I have been not update my blog lately, been so busy also. Sommore, I already made up my mind, I want substitude  my blogging time to focusing on study, or join any event.But I browse through my blog every single day, I really cannot tolerate the latest update of my blog is the same for many many many days already. Didn't count how many days, but I really heart my blog, so I decided to update some to refresh my readers.

So said during the First day of Hari Haji, also the Good Friday, my family and I planned a trip to Penang. My parents said I have been to Penang once, but I really couldn't recall the moment I stay in Penang last time.

Literally , this is my 2nd time to Penang
my feeling is ---this is my first time stepped on to the Penang Island.

 First thing first-check in. Rm400 for 2 nights.

 What an ironically, there is a grand apartment by the side~~~ why so unbalance one.

Not only that, aL-iKhsan is also my neighbour.

and the Gurney drive just behind my apartment, I mean I still have to walk a long distance or drive 5 minutes to reach the Gurney Drive lar~~

So, I don't really recommend you to stay here if you want to stay in Gurney Drive (I assume you want to watch the seaview, though its not as memerizing as my hometown one, but since I already there, must sure pick a good accomodation lar~~)

 Living room, not a shiny mosaic. Fortunately, it is spacious enough.

 The door on the left of dining table is the way to other 2 rooms.

actually, I don't get paid for helping them to promote. Not really want to promote for them either. Just really want to jot down that I have been stay in this Homestay , 2 nights for Rm400.

Initially, the boss offer Rm450, but ask for bargain then we went in with Rm400.
No wifi
washing machine available.
kitchen - yes
beautiful view- no
 rating- 5/10

coz I have to climb up to second floor using the spiral staircase, plus no wifi.

later after we went back from dinner. I shooted my brother. 

 Creative le~~ I mean the way shotting like they are gigantic. I suggest one.

So that's is it for now. Opened the folder to view pic just now, found out I have a lot of pending post. I will try to update whenever I am free!