June 23, 2013

Before week 5-utar life

Before week5 = week 4,set the title this way because I want to remind myself I have to submit an assignment which due date on week 7, means have to complete on week 6.......time flies~~~~`so fast see the half of my semester le~~

warning: this is going to be a picture loaded post

 my little brother housemate, he is our housemate intially, but he is our little brother also was throwing a 13 people party on ...Wednesday I guess

 Our little brother, YQ is the orange shirt one, his chef friend was cooking the spaggetti sauce. Don't know why out of sudden they came out with idea to having feast, but ok la, live while we young ma~~

 My sister idea to pierce with the hotdog, I saw this before, but I never think about this. When I post this on instagram.. CH say the idea from internet right? erm.....not sure where she get it

 Too big group ady, cook 2 times to serve 13 people. this is the first batch de

23/06/2013 (Saturday)

 The idea from Qi Qian and she show us the video how to make it

Notice some distorted dumpling inside??
 made by me using my right hand, cant make it properly because I am left-handed. QQ later on correct me then I just switch to my left hand,hehe

 Going to fried soon~~~

 CY smile's can kill people in this photo, the broom the spoiler behind, so another attempt that I will uploaded in facebook.

 the moment when I pretend to learn to be a good housewife Xp

 Our dinner of the day!!! We finished all the spagetti. Can't believe trio us actually finished almost one pack of the spagetti that you normally see in supermarket. But not full pack actually, a little of them is being used before.

Jeng Jeng, am I make you drooling? it look so succulent here。This was the second batch, coz my pan is not big enough to fit all dumpling at one time.

an aunty look + dumpling = above

Afterward, went to uni's talent time event, the event started at 7pm, but we reached there around  9pm, lucikly, the night was still young, we miss the first sessions, but the 2nd sessions still haven't start yet, ..I not sure, I thnk there were 4 groups of participants perform out that. Its literraly talent, some is video making + singing, some was dancing, a duo girls singing duet, their voice were so graceful that it reminds me of Jayaslee, and in the end they sing a fast song, which I forgot which song it is, it remind me of High School Musical..though there were only 2 of them, their performance really impressing, this is my first time see soo much of talents, credit to UTar for being able to fit soo many people Xp

The talent time also consider my first time to attend such a grand events in UTAR, everyone dress nicely to impress each other, and since the theme for this time event is Summer 38 degree celcius, all the committee members decked out in beach apparel, sarung, hot short pants, the only apparel that I never seen is the bikini, uni being uni afterall.

the highlight of the events probably would be the last performance from a UTAR live band before the talent times came to the end.

Its my first time seeing their performance, they really rocked the night, like the night is forever young. Great that I am able to shake in this beer-free night, shake,dance cousciously with all the strangers around me, but everyone is Utarian, so no harm,hahaha

a dun-noe who guys welcome the band-double cheese burger, Have met him during the orientation mass com day. A psycho student.

Speaking while the member of DCB were setting their PA.

You will see a white and red light along these picture, coz even the light also changed its mode according to the music.

come to an end

Afterward, shouldn't miss the chance to take pic with them, in fact I also want to take a pic with the "Jayesslee" and the rest of talent time performer, they rocked the stage, rocking the whole heritage hall.

with Eugene Chew Wei Liang, as you seen, a guitarist from DCB

After the show end, some of them got the chance to take with whole gang of the band~~ =(

How I going back to my Westlake hostel?


the Grand hall at night, it doesn't look nice here, but indeed it is!

The night scene of utar, and the full moon in the sky make this return-home journey wonderful~~

CY say students who study in Kampar here like having vacation everyday, (i think to those who live in Beijing only la), once u open your window, you would see a transquil lake and the garden, holiday mode on. Neh, but not for me.

End my post here.

Peace out there ^U^