April 5, 2013

DIY hanger

Don't want to let my blog become rustly, so this is the latest update of me.For
your information, I am now teaching in a primary school for temporary.One thing I don't like about teaching in government school is alot of paperwork, luckily, I only a guru ganti, mean replace teacher if translate literally.

However, despite that a lot of bureaucracy,teaching in government school is one of the most great stuff to me. Because I come from local school, and its great I can give a little contribution back to them. this is the place where teacher is needed the most to educate those "little us long time ago".Ironically, I can only work here temporary. Well, everything as its own pros and cons, go for another option is might open my another perspective toward life too.LOL, why I sound so moody, cannot blame, this is what I think when I was bath today.

Back to topic, this is my first time teaching the subject Kemahiran Hidup(KH), erm...Ijust have no idea what to teach and how to teach. Luckily, there is always a guideline, tell u what, I am always want to read through the teacher's edition textbook, or teacher's guideline during my kids time, because I always found teacher's guideline there has more information than student's.

Flipping the book, I decided to let them try to make a DIY hanger.

the hanger that I first testing

  One of the reason that I choose to do DIY hanger because I been doing it during my Year 5 time.Hahaha, so Ijust did what my teacher taught me. One of the miracle thing is the teacher who taught us to do DIY hanger back in our primary school time, she is know serve in the same school as me too! What a really rarely coinsidence!

Teehee, so the best thing is, I could ask her opinion whenever I don't know!
 To show you the prove, this is the hanger that I made years ago, I think like...11years ago, Miracle right? I also couldn't believe myself I already kept it for 11 years. In other word, the hanger already serve us 11YEARS!

Don't judge the hanger by its appearance, thought is quite cacat.(11 year old's skill ma~~). You really shouldn't doubt its ability to hang clothes. The fact it been serve in my home for 11 years already move everything.Hahaha

And know, my new hanger work too!

 So I let my childer to do it themselves. I really paku(prepared) the mould myself, together with school gardener also.

last shot before leaving the KH lab!