October 30, 2012

HTC desire X

Went to Berjaya Time Square to meet my friends yesterday, we watch the thieves together,
 its quite nice, planning to post a movie review about it, but I am so busy recently, so I just skipped that part la. But I am so nice that I search some link about this movie just in case ur guys are interested.here and here2

 My make up, not make up, I only applied eyeliner is a bit thick that day, don't get shock, I think I prefer a thinner eyeliner make up. Okay, start my post of the title. See what am I holding in my hands?  Its HTC desire X. There is a contest where you just need to snap, answer and submit, then you will be able to take part in it.


Guess who is my photographer? He is the salesman there.hahaha, I'm so dare...

Do you know how I get to know this contest? 

Before my friends and me went back, I decided to shot a photo of us(as u can see above), then I just randomly ask a stranger who just passed by to help us. Coincidently, he is the HTC staff who work inside,then he suggest he used his HTC one X to shot us, later while he bluetooth to me, he told me about the contest. Well, you know I m always in for this kind of contest,  I  followed him to his shop and shoot shoot shoot, snap snap snap, no much photos taken la, just around 7 or 8 pic only,thx 2 of them if they see this^^

 After finalise among the 3 photos , I decided to choose this to participate, or you guys prefer ther first two?
 Next, something is interest me here, and I did like to share it out. When the salesman introduce their new product to me, he did mention about Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, and then I wonder what is that. Guess what (if you are as outdate as me)? There is a series dessert name for various version for  Android Operating System.If you don't know what is operating system, it is like Window 97, Window 2000, Window Vista for computer. It allow you allows you to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer's "language." Without an operating system, a computer is useless. Same goes to smartphone, human language cannot be read by them,lolll~~

Start from A for Astro, the very 1st version. Then alphabettically list the lastest one now is J for Jelly bean ady. OMG, sooo cute, it really draw me to learn about it. So this is the various Android OS code name from oldest to lastest!

Ginger bread (mine! HTC wildfire..)
Ice-cream sandwich