October 10, 2012

Day 1 & 2 in Melacca

First day

 It was Friday, and I just finished my final exam, final paper, I was elated because right after I finished it, I get to release all my totally stress accumulate during the test, and just immediately after I completed my Health Education paper.^^(why happy hour passed so fast? sigh..)

I finished it around 10.15am, then I went to take next sem's timetable before packing my luggages, skipped my lunch coz I afraid they haven't had lunch yet, but WS say only would eat after reaching Melacca, luckily he bought some muffins to feed me, a big greedy eater, who can really eat like a horse when starving,hahaha, pardon me~~

Initially I thought they would stay awhile in my hostel to 38一下, but I finished my paper  45 minutes earlier, I got to go BTS to fetch them, I think its around 12.30pm by the time we took off from BTS , headed to Melacca.

why did u snap us?
i don't know I just feel like I want to.

This is the first ever time I didn't celebrate mid autumn festival, I was prepare for exam while others still playing, I am so lonely!! I could not used to it, No lanterns, no candles, no mooncake, no festival song coz tv , radio is not around. So, I redeem back the celebration at Li ying's house,hahaha. thx WS for acc me, guess it would be more interesting with lanterns. 
Reached Li Ying's house around 2.30pm.Her family were nice, after some rest, Miss Goh brought us to eat coconut shake at Klebang, all the coconut desserts are make from coconut pandan, and its truly sweet, but somehow I think the coconut juice I ordered was added with sugar already, didn't manage to take the pic of it coz the whether was hot until I didn't have mood to snap pic, Okay,  I will try to snap for it next time *giggle* , I would definitely going there next time when I visit Melacca again! The coconut shake is delicious enough and yet economise to take me there. ( a cup of coconut shake is only Rm 1.50), the mee siam is not bad too.

Second day

Went to Simply Fish, a western restaurant which popular with fish and chips and sort of.

Li Ying, aka the host, she just trimmed her hair. Calvin and kok Jing. Calvin, why u look so emo?
Thx Li Ying for brought us to eating here and there, I love u so much, and I miss u sometimes also =)
The couple....love is in the air ~~~~

Couple the second, i don't know why my muka so paiseh..hehehe.

WS somehow knew my pattern ady. He asked to take pic of me before I asked. Oh yes, Me with the Oreo milkshake, I am so regret for odering this, its just like the Mc Furry Oreo in Mc Donald, somemore I already. I shouldn't have two concentrate juice in my meal la.(mushroom soup and oreo milkshake)

me: So you know how to pose ady ar? (my good boy, <3 font="font">

Calvin: laugh out loud (coz before this I saw his photo in FB always pose like alien =.=

This is the reason why we were here. The mushroom soup was not available all the time, it depends of the chef mood. Li Ying think its delicious, but frankly speaking, I don't like the taste. Perhaps you can try it coz its homemade, plus we have different tongue, doesn't we?

The naked fist recommeded from Li Ying, its awesome! I am a person who seldom order fish and chip, prefer chicken chop. WS suggest me to order fish since we are here at a place where fish is more famous than chicken,hehehe, so I just followed lor~~

I forgot the name ady...something like...tomato fish

after that, it was Miss Goh Li ying's birthday bush!! All of us were preparing for that.

til then, I have to sleep now le, my mum kept urging to switch off computer, good nitez ! ^^