August 12, 2012

Chemistry 3D molecular model set

Last thursday, I did this experiment, we need to do preparation before that, for this purpose, I search around using Google about 3D molecular model set, but the result come out wasn't satisfied, so here it is,

 This is 3D molecular model set
Chemistry molecular geometry model

never expect that will perform this kind of experiment, its like, yay!
 I was playing lego!and somemore I need to submit my lego together with the report, like a very formal matter, so playing in the formal stuff!

Correction!! ammonia ,NH3 is never a trigonal planar, it is Trigonal pyramidal.The example of trigonal planar is like BCl3
hahaha, I have no idea, I think i am freaking bore to this extend.

This is how ammonia,NH3 look like, the inverted bow denotes the lone pair as Nitrogen has 5 valence electrons. 

water, H2O, just like a mickey mouse, bent or v shape, the bow shape indicate a lone pair electron, which mean the blue dot is..oxygen~~

hi, I am smiling square planar, like XeF4, I am not smilling all the time, but my master build me to smile, so peace for everyone here!

Finally, I am the master of these 3D molecular models. 

Its too late that I have to sleep now, nitez! ^^