August 11, 2012

Korean BBQ Buffet

Went to Kepong yesterday , I bumped into this restaurant while on the way heading to lunch..
I think this is something to be share cause I think its something worth to try and affordable!!


First, its a buffet, a korean buffet somemore! I had been keen on trying korean cuisine since I saw quite some bloggers and facebook friends post about korean food. But I really dare not to try cause it seem like to be korean food is not really suit me,why instead of using the food that without knowing I like it or not, rather than eating other food that I sure I could finish them? But I guess this is the chance for me to try on Korean cuisine.

Secondly, the owner of this shop are Korean!! Omg, though I am not a korean Freaking baby, I still like to stick to their culture. While you are enjoying your BBQ, you also get entertaint by the Korean MV there, its like its really a place where Korean fan can enjoying Korean cuisine, BBQ, crapping and at the same time watch the MVs somemore!! Omg, How I wish I could eat together with my lovely brunch of friends, crapping, BBQ like hell!

 Yes, if you wandering how was the shop look like, this is it, in Kepong area, just around 15 minutes from KL, its a glad news for me, cause initially I thought Cheras is nearer to KL, or Cheras is inside KL?

and the map to go there, the only sadness thing is I have no public transport to reach there like Rapid KL, LRT and so on. So I guess I could only visit there again looooooooooooong after.

The options for lunch, from left: chicken, spicy chicken, beef, pork and spicy pork.

For those beginner like me, I suggest you all to eat of buffet lunch first, cause you don't know how it taste like, and what if you don't like it, you won't lose so much.

 Kimchi....sort of those things, I don't really remember their name, but you can always ask the boss, they are so friendly ^^

 erm....I have no idea what is call....

FYI, this is the Korean BBQ buffet in Malaysia, before 4 franchises in Singapore, I have no idea too why they choose to open in Kepong area but not KL..

If you are a really a Korean food lover, then you are in the right place, just choose their dinner buffet, which is started 5.30pm - 11.30pm, friends, let crapping there...

When I went there, they play my favourite Mr Taxi from SNSD,omg..superlike.

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