April 30, 2012

Vegetarian tomorrow!!

I had a really scumptious dinner just now, which really resort my lust for eating chicken chop, I really miss Kemaman, and I miss the delicacies here, Fatisha, it is a western restaurant , with some uptown decoration, manage by Malays, but the food there really attempting, just heart it^^

These are some foods that i order, frankly the food now is a bit regress compare to last time, the mash potato is dense salty, but it look cuter now~~~

And the chicken tepayaki, not only it become more expensive, at the same time, the quantity of it decrease already, the garlic rice, the size of chicken slice become obviously smaller......I really hope that Fatisha crew would do something on this. I really hope that I can bring my friend to Fatisha whenever they come Kemaman.
Chicken tepayaki
by the way, I am going to fast tomorrow, in order to support the shi ji activity

this is an article excerpt from my facebook event, do u got it?

Penang 15 (Bernama) - Following million day fasting activity was successfully held last year, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia Branch will be held again on May Day the day people fast days, and more vegetarian eat eight, two points to help others "as the theme, advocating the benefits of vegetarianism.
This activity began in from 9:00 until 12:00, in the Penang Island and Province, Wei response to a vegetarian restaurant for vegetarians. Received the voucher in the day people can go for vegetarian vegetarian meal, or bring their own tableware packaged. In addition, people can not go vegetarian can vow vegetarian.
Tzu Chi Malaysia Chapter PR yellow Ci Qin said at a press conference on Saturday last year, response to vegetarian people as many as 45,000 people, the number of participants exceeded 50,000 this year.
The total coordination of Yan Zhen rights (economic vibration) pointed out that a lot of vegetarian are happy with the activities of Tzu Chi free vegetarian I hold the voucher people. Penang has been up to more than 80 vegetarian restaurant to respond to this activity, 20000 vegetarian meals or pasta.
He said that the vegetarian diet can protect the earth, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that greenhouse gas emissions from meat production account for 18% of the global total, while the means of transport emissions account for only 13%.
"Master Cheng Yen promote" vegetarianism eight full two points to help others, advocate people each meal to eat eight full savings of food to help hungry people. "
Next month 13 Day Buddha Day
In addition, the Tzu Chi in order to meet the 46 anniversary of the May 13 secondary schools in the Hanjiang pasture Buddha bathing ceremony of the three in one, Buddha's Birthday, Mother's Day and Global Tzu Chi Day.
Since 2011, the unity of the three were formally state government as a project of the Penang's culture and education. People will be arranged in the Buddha bathing the Bodhi leaf, a symbol of social harmony, you need everyone to partners to achieve.
People who wish to participate may call the Tzu Chi Malaysia Chapter meditation hall 04-2281013 for further information.

So Thats all for today, feel a bit down for that i need to go back tomorrow.........