April 25, 2012

Masterskill cocuriculum day

only until today i know MUCH (Masterskill University College of Health Science) has 'so much' clubs and associations. I expect Masterskill to has less club ady(indeed, it is), b ut luckily it is not thatlittle as i expect, before this, i though masterskill has only about 10 clubs only, but now it seems like a little bit more than i expected,hahaha.

I was so happy today and i Got to join 4 clubs,

Social budaya(actually is cultural dance)


CCS (Chinese Cultural Society)

I am on top of the moon!!! I love to dance so much, i was so so so happy when i got to know that there is a dancing class every week, yes, i need not to find dancing class outside anymore, I can learn it here with no transport problem and only Rm5 per months, this is the best solution!

(hey, don't judge the book by its cover)

NOw, lets picture do the talks!

There is outside booth from this ice-cream company, the crew there will give you a free ice-cream cone when you like your fb page and snap photo i think

 I not sure about there, I was there when there were distributing the cone, but then it was my lunch time, guys, eating rice first before ice-cream is a healtier option,hahaha, see How healthy am I.

and guess what

I only got the chance to take photo with their mock qiant ice-cream(don't see me smile happily in the photo, actually i was sour inside)

I like the sunlight

me and Janice, she is always my companion

 when come to Indian Cultural Society, sure must practice their custom la~

THis is not found at the Indian Cultural booth,but the social budaya, which i mention above I will learn dance there!

 I really gotta move like JAGGER!!

a smile face of me before ending the pose, peace people^^