July 28, 2011

cold (hot) soba noodles

due to all my spread, syrup finished, so i have to find another recipe to make another type of soba mee.I bought 2 packets of soba mee(i mean its too much, because only me is eating). Found this new recipe which you did not make any syrup, spread before making soba mee.

i almost follow all the instruction in the recipe, except that i do not have scallions. What is scallions? HEre it is!IF you are malaysian , i think this look familiar to you,right? you will always see scallions when you go to eat chicken rice, the restaurant will always serve the soup with scallions like this on top! But, frankly, i do not know what is scallions before, i mean its original look, raw look,hehehe. Nvr mind, i believed that i will know more from time to time as i always blogging about healthy food! and i hope it is useful to all of you who read my blog.

there is something i would like to share with all of you. Before i went to health farm, i always thougt that cooking always link with lots and lots of prosedure. The nicer taste, the more steps in preparation. This is what i think before. I thought like this because i never think of the steps, now when i think back, like gan lao mian干捞面 which is quite tasty only taken a few easy steps to prepare only.

following the recipe, you will notice that the soba mee is serve cold, but mine one, i do it my way which is serve hot. And when i try it, it taste sour in approving way, but i believe that most of us do not used to it mee in SOUR, or sour taste mee. BUt, when the mee chilled, i try it, it taste nicer together with the sour taste! At first, i thought maybe it is 吃越久越好吃。but then on my second thought, i suddenly remember that the recipe is serve cool, so maybe it is more suit when you serve it cold.
One more information, i did not put so much sesame seed, because i do not like the taste like "hangus" , but my mom force or persuade me to eat, because any seed or nut are rich in protein, they are the protein source for vegetarian. My mom like the taste with much sesame seed. So, if you like to eat sesame seed, you can put plenty of them.i Think tats all for now!

say peace^^