March 5, 2011

edu fair

went to kuantan today,trying to get some useful information from education fair.

felt guilty to my friend,esp KW, due to i forgot to bring purse along (and i know its a enormous dummy mistake) , i borrowed Rm 200 to buy a hard disk 500 GB which cost Rm 167 at the PC fair, the PC fair is just beside the edu fair only, that mean, at the same location.

Along the return journey,i felt tension , meanwhile, feel lose too.

felt tension because i have still have to work tomorrow.Yea, i know i am lucky enough that i no need to work on Saturday,but then ........its hard to explain right here.

On the other hand,i felt lose because my result is not really good,CGPA2.84, and i intend to pursue something related with bio,but then for every program i ask , like biotech,marine, nutrition, pharmarcy,the minimum requirement to apply the course is CGPA 3.00, i hate this!
i mean i hate myself cannot get 3.00 above, i hate myself why i not study harder, why i am not firm to myself whenever i had plan something, why i can't manage my time properly.

i Know mutter here ,right now will not help ,but i still wan to write,xixi

Opps, forget to take the pix, nvr mind la, i not quite satisfied with my look yesterday.
The education fair had 20 IPTA, and 100 IPTS (look like). And one of the reason i felt sorry to my friend whom i ask them to join there is the education fair not really a major fair, the staff who service the public, their service,i not really satisfied. First, they are not initiative, some of them(esp ) from the UPU, the staff (actually, what is the appropriate word to call them? i think sth gotta to do with the word "marketing...") they cannot explain more detail, for instance, when i ask "so far the graduate from your campus had go to work with any renowned company?', and everyone of them just simply give an irrelevant answer.

" yes, after you finish the program, you can go to pharmacy, the industry that apply biotech....."

come on~~sure i know i will work in the cartain industry after that, i am wondering for which renowned company i can go after that. This is what i not satisfied with, they are not able to explain it more detail. And one more thing i dom't like, some of them just sat there, waiting for the people to come forward, they are not initiative at all.

The one staff which i had been go to asking question before, at education fair,it was the staff from College LIm KOk Wing, i not sure whether its a university or a college right now(i checked just now, its a university of creative technology), i was satisfied with the infor the staff given to me, he let me know something i don't know before, and that is what i want!