February 19, 2011


i look pale,i know
at lobby there,hahaha,still in the ambience of CNY,but then yesterday midnight,when i reached the lobby,i saw the worker had started to detach the light decoration already.

play the venice gondola with my youngest bro only, 3 of them didn't bought the ticket, they thought it more worthy to snap pic and shopping instead of playing the game in theme park.No wonder, we played so much time before. Since my brother insist to play, i will accompany him also,since i had a long time didn't play already. But what keep bearing in my mind is........(hahaha,just use your imagination or see how far u know me)

i miss my long hair~~~
i tried some apparels there also, the apparel told me that i am more suitable to match those clothes with long hair....


ya,its true,instead i think my current hairstyle doesn't match my wearing pattern as well.
i am request for elegant.

bulge eyes,dislike