September 20, 2009
hey. i am at genting now.Rm15 for an expensive~~~

actually.i am here because of my father.he came here for gamble,he was addicted to it just like teenager addicted to suft the net.

i could felt his excitedness on his way to the city of gamble.because.his excited just like the sound produce by the exhaust of our car.and as u know,there are many corner to the destination.and whenever the car reach a corner,our car will just like pass through it with big circumstance.can you imagine how fast my father drive?

my mom doesn't like his bad habit ,she instill my dad not to go genting but who is the driver,then who take the control.and thats the reason i was here.

at first ,i oso think that gambling is a serious matter,but later when i was used to see the way my father behave toward it,i am thinking from another view.he was addicted to gamble just like us addicted to online.the difference is his is more serious matter,and more effect.that why,some ppl will even bankrupt because of this.

i was interest to gamble too,but my xintai is just for fun,not addicted.i used to gamble every year during chinese new year.and i hope i can enter casino once i reach 21 year adult,and win Rm1000 and then immediately use the money to buy clother or watever,the matter is .just use it.(this is my imagination only la).

well,i hope my father can become less addict to it and focus on his business like me focus on my study.