September 17, 2009

Spare tuesday and wednesday

taken before go Bio lab
these building was build during the occupy of british,and its still remain and turgid till is even better and other block.
measure our height at papan kenyataan,so bad its too blur.
the men too always caring about their hair after putting gel.

well,its holiday now.but still have to study coz my chemistry get only 28 and mt paper1 27,gotta put up my socks.

Just now,yunn li also ask how did i study Form 6,coz one of her friend in masterskill was failed to get the qualified pointer ,hence make him cannot study pharmasi.she thought she can scared me with tat,hahaha,she just only encourage me to study harder.

every time i say this,....i justdun hav the determination to study incessantly 2 hours ar,but susan can,she won't fall asleep like me, jealous.

this saturday go awana,Sunday went to teluk Intan,no mant friend there,but never mind la,go eat out there,and visit the CC there.i love the CC there,damn rocks.

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