January 24, 2020

Aveeno® Lotion | The Natural Colloidal Oatmeal

We are know that oatmeal is a healthy choice breakfast. But do you know that there are many oatmeal products that is made into skin moisturising lotion due to the magical healing and benefit of Colloidal Oatmeal?  

  • Improves skin dryness and scaling
  • Relief  itching and irritation
  • Moisturizes the skin 
  • Anti- inflammatory 
  • Relieves symptoms of eczema, and  dermatitis

What is Colloidal Oat ?

Colloidal oat, is ground oatmeal suspended in liquid medium for better application & absorption into the skin , has been a prized ingredient in skincare since ancient times. This is supported by over 60 years of clinical evidence indicating that colloidal oat formulas are effective in soothing dry, irritated skin

Each Aveeno® Active Naturals product is uniquely formulated and scientifically proven to harness the power of the oat to deliver real skincare benefits for strong, visibly healthier skin.

"For the past 70 years, Aveeno®’s commitment to harness the power of oat for skin wellness has made it the most trusted brand in the US for its use of natural ingredients. "

Aveeno Baby® is also number one among US’ paediatricians’ trusted brands.

Google around, you will find out that there are a lot of lotion , including those skin lotion specially developed for sensitive and dry skin and  eczema would have incorporated Colloidal Oatmeal as one of its primary ingredients. 

Seeing the magical healing power of colloidal oatmeal, Aveeno® has incorporated active natural colloidal oatmeal to moisturise the skin of many, for people of different age, as well as for baby with dry and sensitive skin. 

So on 24th Jan, I have the chance the discover the magical healing power of colloidal oatmeal by Aveeno®. Aveeno® had invited Dr Leong Kin Fon, a consultant paediatric dermatologist to explain the key ingredient in Aveeno lotion, prebiotic oat.

Dr Leong Kin Fon, a consultant paediatric dermatologist to explain the key ingredient in Aveeno lotion, prebiotic oat.

Prebiotic oat is effective in providing relief. He explained that oats have a few important functions as an ingredient in moisturisers to :
1. lock-in skin moisture by forming a protective barrier
2.reducing itchiness and redness
3. Improving the skin’s microbial balance.
Aveeno owned by Johnson & Johnson has done a comprehensive scientific research and stringent formulations, Aveeno® insists that colloidal oatmeal has to be process in the right way to ensure the goodness of the oatmeal. It is a lengthly and highly technical process to get the extra fine active natural colloidal oatmeal. 
Aveeno® products are formulated with a farm-to-bottle commitment. This means Aveeno preserves the freshness & goodness  and carefully select oats from its origin, the farm , all the way till it reaches women & babies in the bottle

Aveeno®’s prebiotic colloidal oats are made from


high protein

non-GMO oat grains

harvested from fields of Canada, North America, the United Kingdom & France.

These harvests are then processed without the use of chemical solvents & finally formulated through a stringent process designed to maintain the integrity & purity of the Aveeno® Oat’s active components      

Aveeno Baby® is also number one among US’ paediatricians’ trusted brands. You can now get it in Malaysia! 

There were so many different series under Aveeno products. Amongst them, I have spotted on these three lotion for the same moisturising effects but each with different texture/usage. 

First, there is this lotion incorporated with lavender fragrant, suitable to put on before bed or if you like to smell refreshing.

Then there are Daily Moisture Lotion and Sheer Hydration. You can noticably find out that the Aveeno Sheer Hydration has lighter texture, less creamy then the Daily Moisture. Consumers can choose the lotion based on their texture as well as the purpose. 

Aveeno Sheer is suitable to apply for outdoor activities, where you will sweat profusely or you simply dont want it to be too sticky. 

Meet my blogger friends! 

Aliza's baby, Mikayla is also a consume of Aveeno Baby® products. She described that  Aveeno Baby® reduces the itchness of Mikayla after using it. 

Ivy from hiphippopo.com 

LwinLee from https://lwinlee.blogspot.com/

Aveeno Malaysia 

and not forgetting that you can get it from major drug stores including Watson, Guardian, Caring and AEON Wellness in Malaysia! 


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