May 1, 2018

Althea's Bare Essential : As Easy As 123

Ever since the successful and overwhelming response of the first Althea in-house beauty product, Petal Velvet Powder (a type of loose powder with pleasant flower scent). This time, Althea, an online beauty skincare brand from Korea come out with its latest beauty skincare range!

The term “ Bare Essentials” denoting that skincare could be strip down in the basic fundamental care. Once you got it right, then your skin is protected, which is why I agree with it, cause the fact you don’t need to apply every skincare on your skin to nourishing your skin.

These thoughtfully crafted products give the benefits of the infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine, rolled into 3 quick and easy steps. 

I have tried and tested the Bare Essentials range, and here are some quick reasons why that I love it!

1. Continuing from the Althea Petal Velvet powder, all the Althea in house products infused with the natural subtle scent that you will love it! It doesn't smell like Green tea, erm...maybe I should say it smells very much like the korean flower, Althea.

2. Minimalist packaging

3. Feeling convenient to use it.

1. Contour Cleanser 

Contour Cleanser  150g RM23.00

It has tiny capsules embedded into the cleanser which effectively exfoliate the skin and feeling gentle. It detoxifies our skin and bring out the radiant you. Feeling your skin reborn after washing with Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser. 

It has cream-like texture, and microcapsules embedded inside, get rid of the dead skin in a gentle yet effective way. 

2. Primer Water 

Primer Water 200ml

I use it quite frequently. Not only for their minimalist packaging, the scent exuding while applying on my skin makes me feel so pampered! As the name suggests, it is a 2-in-1 toner and primer. Made with patented dewdrop technology, making the liquid texture glide through easily. (watch my video to know more!) It allows hydration to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. 

Made with Snow Lotus extracts, this primer water has an incredibly smooth and silky texture that enhances the skin's natural glow, leaving your skin ready to prep-up for the make up or heads up with your daily routines~  (I do skip Fixer cream if I am running out of time.)

3. Fixer Cream

Fixer Cream   50g

Despite me skipping this in a morning skincare routine, I make sure that I will apply it during the night. It provides intense hydration that penetrates deeply into our skin. Which is what my skin needed after a long day of exposing to external environment! 

The hydration key ingredients? 
Trehalose, Green tea, Baobad Tree

Now, with Bare Essentials, you can turn your 10-step skin routines into a mere 3 steps! 


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