August 3, 2017

Food: Pâtissez serving Giant Freak Shake

I was browsing through Fave to look for something nice to savour. I mean looking for something nice to celebrate bf's birthday. And I came across this voucher. Looking into their photos, I am engrossed. Okay la, look so nice, should taste nice also. So I bought the voucher for Rm 19.90 which entitled one big freak shake and one 1 baby shake.  

There are 5 flavours available
Mint Condition
Thai Tea Freak
Caf Friend (espresso shake with caramel)
Muddy Pat (chocolate shake)

among them, Muddy Pat and Pretzella are the most popular one. 

The freak shake is actually a normal flavour shake but creatively curated by slathering with several different toppings. It varies from flavour to flavour. 5 flavours available thus far and we chose Muddy Pat 2.0 for the Freak shake and Thai Tea Shake to be the baby shake.

Muddy Pat 2.0 RM 19.90 

Muddy Pat 2.0 is the formation of chocolate ganeche (from Nutella), chocolate mousse, cookie crumb, chocolate brownie, toasted marshmallow and a lollipop. 

It was so pretty looking when it first served. The savouring experience is a bit of messy. A long handle spoon and a straw was provided. But the chocolate mousse is too bit to handle. And how do you try the brownie? By hand lor~~  Luckily they did provide tissue along side. 

Lollipop is shown in the pic, we plucked it off ady. How to makan without taking them off

The vanilla infused chocolate fuse is not my liking. So I don't really like the mousse. The rest of the gimmicky topping was okay. Aside from their heap of toppings, the chocolate shake actually tasted nice, rich and flavoursome. 

And as a brownie lover, the brownie is ordinary. Not too moist either. 

Thai Tea Freak 
Baby Shake RM 14.90 

For those who can't get enough of Thai Tea, this is another version of Thai tea dessert you might want to try. The taste really resembles the Thai tea taste, a bit of vanilla kind of sweet, but not too sweet, with a hint of bitterness. especially their real thai tea shake at the bottom. Either you love it or dislike it. 

 I dislike the vanilla taste that come with it, esp the cream.My bf love it so much, from all to bottom. Coconut Ice-cream pop, creamy coconut ganache, toasted almond, vanilla mousse, and the thai tea shake. 

Thai tea shake in making. Love to seeing the making of food. Nice to see. Nice to eat too! 

The drawing that is very hard not to look at it.

Overall verdict: 

Aside from overwhelming toppings, which isn't bad. The shake at the bottom sticks true to its flavoursome taste. Their shake is not bad. Both of us had that around 3 in the evening. 2 of us were so full by only having 1 giant and baby shake we skipped dinner that day. Would like to come back for their pretzella freakshake.

If you want to get it at a cheaper deal, you can buy their coupon here. 

Order in shopping mall, but I don't think you can eat it while walking. Patissez provides enough seat to savour their freak shake. 

Menu for your reference

(valid til 28th September 2017)
 from Fave (previously known as Groupon)
Patissez Malaysia at 1 Utama Shopping Mall Address: 
 SK – 108, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Center,, Dataran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operation hours
10am - 10pm 

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