March 2, 2017

The Premiere of A Dog's Purpose for the launch o f Pawse for a Cause charity carnival #doglover

Harlo! Yours truly has been back in awhile before I go to busy with my work. Went to Premiere of a nice movie "A Dog's Purpose" in conjunction with the launch of a dog charity carnival which would be held on 29th July 2016 at Desa Park City! Dogs' lover attention here.  Make sure you go and support the charity event! You will be thrill to see so much of any other strays and pets with many other activities in a row such as  the galleria, adoption drive, pet fair, free concert, celebrity meet & greet and so on! Click into this link to view more information about the Paws for a Cause Dog Charity Event 

Anyway, back to the movie premiere of A Dog's Purpose. The PR management really made it into a really grand fashion way. How?

Red carpet entrance to welcome the guest, media friends of the Pawse for a Cause.

Feeling like a superstar except that my boyfriend dress in his own WS way.

Registered as usual.

A platform where we get to mingle around, take photo, have some light finger foods, and to know anticipate on the movie while trying to understand what is Pawse for a Cause. Best of all, it took place in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara which is just a stone throw away from my house!

Lovely warm tone.  Welcomed with some light refreshment like canape, fruit tart and sandwich. TAke note on the entrance ticket of the movie! So cute, I turned it into my book mark! I love the ticket design so much! 

There is something unspoken communication , a very miracle yet surreal bond between human and dog. Much more than a loyal, there is something more than it. Hence, I don't understand why sometimes people want to adopt a dog pet, but turn out to be irresponsible and choose to dump them after sometime.I mean if you have financial problem, or time constraint,  you should have at least found a new owner for the pet before you decided to let go of it.

Seema Subash , the founder of Pawse for a Cause gave welcoming speech before the movie started. What I remember the most is that she said that the movie is not as depress , or touchingly weeping kind of sad compare to the movie Hachiko.

“We chose to launch Pawse for a Cause in concert with the premiere of A Dog’s Purpose because the message carried throughout the film deeply resonates with our mission. Speaking to the bond shared between dogs and humans, the movie’s credo strikes a chord with us who ourselves are firm fans of our planet’s furry friends. Animals deserve a good life and we strive to make that a reality for our country’s own,” said Seema Subash, Founder of Pawse for a Cause.

Hence, please support them for their second annual charity carnival take place on 29th July 2017 at Desa Park City. In it's good cause to provoke the appropriate call to action whereby a wider audience comprised of public and corporate donors are led to participate in cash and in kind. The fundraiser target has been set at Rm 100K to be donated for the good cause amongst deserving pet welfare beneficiaries nationwide.

Read the posters below to know more about Pawse for A Cause! Alternatively, you can view the HQ poster here. 

Sign off with a pic of my beh song kawan and me. Hard to get a photo inside cinema hall with lights on you know~~~

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