March 1, 2012

Chinese Cultural Society

Look like i have not been update my blog long long time, okay, stop crapping.

But i really wanted to say something meaningful, or you can called it sermon....
I really found out that. if you do prepare well, you will really score well, you can present well too!

I did my presentation today, its a presentation about personality disorder, Panaroid Personality Disorder aka PPD, i think I did it badly, I dun even what was i talking about....haiz....thats the problem la, because last time, also the first time i did it, I really prepare so much, like 200%, I rehearsal 4 to 5 times before the real presentation. So...the conclusion, Prepare well is really important.

Secondly, I wanted to say that....what i want to say?.....wait, let me think for a second.I really manage my time so well here.

okay, pic times!

My university college CCS (CHInese cultural society) held a Chinese New Year celebration on Tuesday, and we had haunted house.I was snap with a "ghost" whose intially i think is the most scariest ghost. But no longer scary after several time enter and out from the ghost, as i am one of the crew helping there too!

 some of the ghosts, i thought they would have a horrible post, but their smile are so sweeet!

 Testing the game i am in charge of. I am the crew who work outside the haunted house la!

 reach there 7am to decorate our booth~~I still sleepy~~i Knew this is no a good excuse.

they were still many crews out there who were so so much commit to this event. Like anonymous A, he was injured during the martial art performance, very severe, but he still playing his role as a ghost.....clap for him~~~~, 
from 8am to 5pm.,they really did an awesome job.

I knew my hair is kinda messy, my coursemate even ask me whether I am a Sabahan?!!
Because you very fair.
my mind: is it because of my messy hair??

Okay, gud night people, I am quite sleepy right now.


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