April 15, 2011
Went to fatisha today, din take photo as i don't have camera or handphone that has camera with me. By the way, my old nokia express fixed, my music life is come back, hahaha.

Since i have some stuff to do,we went there late, about 8.30pm just arrived. By the time we arrived, there were lots of customers, and no free seat. We had to sit at waiting area to be serve.

The point that i wanted to say is , if you are going to Fatisha, you better call the chef there, order in advance or ask them to reserve for you. Today, i mean Friday, its too crowded until chicken chop was not available anymore due to some of them were reserve.

So, i ask a card from the waiter, decided to order in advance before i come esp on sought-after friday^^, there all for today.

BYE man

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