May 13, 2010
who hooooooo,i can finally online,its been a long loooooooooooooooong time i didn't online.

there are 2 things i need mention here.

first,a very meaningful affair for me.
i had been do dance performance on stage.
i had been waiting a long time for these chance,hahaha

and well,our group dance quite satisfied.
first,we only use about 2 days from planning to perform and there are 10 of us,we could dance it synchronizely.hahaha

this was my second time perform dance on the experience increase a little bit le.hahaha
hopefully,i can find more chance to do dance performance on the stage,in front of the enthusiatic audience again in the future.

u can go here to see the video~~~

leave any comment,good or bad,or anything need to improve

OTI 1 is around the corner.
the first day,23/5/2010 ,fortunately only need to sit one paper only,it is PA1

don't really know how to revise bio,i had not been study bio since the delivery of my bio teacher

chemistry,....better than bio lo
at least i will try my best

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