March 12, 2010

drive kuantan-kemaman

just now i wanted to created a new blog at wretch,but the the blog member must be a yahoo member,so i sign into a taiwan yahoo member,the process of filling the information is consume a lot of time,and i try it a few times ady,finally,due to exhausted,i gave up.will try it the next time.

today is 13/10/2010

i driving from kemaman to kuantan alone.i bertolak at 2.10pm(i estimated,coz 1.30pmi just close my computer and start prepared),the journey to kuantan was quite smooth ,my father is check my car ady the day before and filling full tank of petroleum.when i nearly reached kuantan.....Ai ya~~~i get into wrong day,i shall turn left instead of going straight forward, i suddenly thinking of one od my friend,from dungun,last time he came to kuantan ,he also going the wrong way,but he finally reach kuantan,so i guess there will be a road turn into kuantan,after passing Semambu,i finally went into the road to kuantan...whoooh(松一口气了)

actually,i was quite enjoy driving to kuantan,i even forget i would be late to tuition.the feeling was like .....很想去facebook打"奔驰的感觉真爽"....this was my second time driving to kuantan,the first time is safer compared to this time,because this time i drove alone,and i drove during the peak time,(the first time i drove during the early morning,about 6.30pm like tat,fewer car),值得一提的是,途中,有一群牛要国过马路,我们的车都得停下来让路给牛,然后就在我要踩油门的那瞬间,一头baby牛冷不防地杀出来,它的鼻子应该有稍微地磨察到我车身,还好那头baby牛及时退后,有还好,my driving speed was just like turtle.

this is to kuantan.

the below description is from kuantan to kemaman.
walao~~~it was such a adrenalin consuming driving speed maintain at 110-120km/h at highway,i didn't expect to drive so fast,but i just don't wan tuck break to unsmooth the driving speed,i am using auto pl;us old car,so if i wan to be increse my speed suddenly,it is so hard.

and the feeling is very 没有安全感,it was dark(although all car has light),but i still felt unsecured,i was used to sitting in a driven car during the night,but perhaps this was the first time i drove during the night for such a long journey,so i was feel unsecured.when i was driving in the highway,i drive at right-side lane,and it was so dark tat i afraid i will crash with the 分界线of the road,plus my fast driving speed,it will become more horrible.Usually,i was so enjoyed listen to the song when i was driving in my car,but this time,i could obviously listen to the sound of engine,and then the voice of my sister and her friend chatting ,feel like so vexed.

God bless me,i returned home safely.Next time,i rather to back with HS them at 11pm than driving myself.

p/s:i forget to mention that,during my homewayward journey,a car driven behind mine is switch on his/her sport light,it was so bright and the light was perfectly reflect to my eye throught the wat wat mirror,i didn't dare to look at the mirro ,i just focus on wat in front of me,and sambil saya memandu,i was thinking:are you going to murder me???!!!doesn't you know that ur super bright sport light will affect my eyesight????you r so damn evil~~

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