October 14, 2018

The DIY ROM bridal bouquet

That's the DIY bridal bouquet from me!
 Or maybe by both my hubby and me! Yeap, we have our ROM in the Thean Hou Temple

We did it together the night before.

I searched everywhere for bridal bouquet less than RM 100, but most of the time It would be Rm 150 the cheapest. Feeling not worthy to splurge so much at the bridal bouquet, and also because I  love to DIY beautiful things. (FLowers are beautiful, don't they?)

I did a lot of survey , rummaging google for the best bridal bouquet looks that suits my outfits as well as the bridegroom. I thought that red roses will be the limelight, but in the end, it turns out that everything look pale in comparison.

Anyway, the expenses for the Bridal Bouquet were only Rm 78

Guni string - Rm 5 (Kaison @ One Utama)

I bought 2 rope of 2 different thickness, worrying one would look better than others. 

a bag of roses (20 or 24 stalks of pink roses) - Rm 28
a huge bag of baby breath - Rm 45

(see, the baby breath is actually much more expensive than roses, and that roses wither faster than baby breath too )

Hence the total sum is Rm 78 , oh I actually manage to make 2 bouquets out of it! 

I am quite happy and full of satisfaction knowing I could save so much. LOL . and here's the outcome of the bouquet.

The bouquet, even though looks a bit messy at the closer look, but it looks fine in the photos! 

 Then only I realised that light-coloured roses look so pale in comparison to my dress. 

If you don't understand what I mean. Let me show you. These are exactly the very 2 same photos. The top one is the original photo. 

(omg, I just noticed that even the tiang look so much fancy than me. Never mind la, I am still pretty btw)

The bottom one, if you notice, I photoshopped the colour of the roses to higher saturation. 

So, here's the simple tips

1. Opt for full bouquet of baby breath also not bad. or only roses (since rose is so much cheaper than baby breath)
2. If you wanna have contrast between the bouquet and the dress, choose red roses, and baby breath (Red roses surrounded by white baby breath)

See, the roses actually wither faster than the baby breath. 

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