November 2, 2017

Easy & Healthy with Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme

Most of the time, we , as  full time working adults, want to eat something wonderful, and hearty. Be it home cooked food or outside food. Although I am skinny (expanding horizontally recently lor), but I tend to get hungry at times. Hungry and keep on looking food. So when I got the invitation from 11 street PR, asking to review Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme. I would love to try~!

Comes in powder form, you might think that it has to be mixed with hot water to make sure the powder melted/mixed completely, but in fact you only need to pour in lukewarm or even cold water to make your cup of healthy nutritional beverage.

As I grow older, 20 something, still I feel like I am quite lethargic sometimes, and I need to maintain a healthy body to do more work, to deliver better performances. Having to staying away from parents, it is extremely important to remain healthy lo. One of my way to remain healthy is to make some healthy food whenever I am free. I usually make myself some food which I called "healthy food" in my daily diet.

Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme, aside from mixing with water to convert into a cup of fulfilling, hearty and healthy morning beverage, which is my  alternate morning beverage, I also try to find some other ways which I can consume it.

I innclude Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme into my overnight oat jar. It neutralises the sweetness in the jar if you are someone who doesnt like sweet. Ar har~~ you can do it at home or invent another recipe with Superfood Supreme!

Since Superfood Supreme tastes like Sesame (naturally sweet), I plan to put some sesame glutinous riceball inside to be made into a bowl of sesame glutionous rice ball + Supreme Food!

Also, Superfood Supreme itself is naturally sweet thanks to it is brown rice with isolated pea protein & mangosteen fruit extract. The all plant-based Superfood Supreme is indeed a healthier choice. I get to enjoy a cup of healthy godness whenever I want!

Superfood Supreme itself is a healthy choice for the wholesome ingredients it is made from.
1. Brown Rice- Maintain healthy cholestrol level and blood sugar level

2. Mangosteen Fruit Extract - strong anti-inflammatory fruit properties and maintain joint health. 

3. Isolated Pea Protein - Improve musle strength and body toning

4. Black Sesame Seed - Helps to regulate blood pressure and promote healthy hair. 

As all the ingredients collectively promote joint health, muscle function. It is suitable for the elderly, those with joint muscle problems, atheletes or gym junkie  (high in protein in plant-based form), and those with joint stiffness and muscle weakeness.

Taste like sesame powder, not as rich as sesame powder, and subtle sweet.
(love to drink it hot. It appears in thick liquid like form that make you give you a feeling of fullness. )

How to get it? 
Interested? Buy it online for only Rm 69.90 for 500g  from 11street here. 

This is a sponsored review, but all the review are based on my personal experience. 

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