March 5, 2017

A quick tour into Google Office Malaysia

Thanks for Madam Choong for proposing. a bunch of us get to visit Google Office today! Not sure whether Google office is one of the most comfortable office in Malaysia, but it was totally a mind-blowing experience.

We went there to learn about DESIGN THINKING which encourage us to think out of the box. Solve a problem specifically with target users into consideration, and turn it into real action with a lot of possible challenges in our mind. It was very practical , insightful and I hope I can think more critically after this. 

Alright, now let's pictures to do the talk. 

the dining area itself is so insta-worthy! Adorned with Zakka Style of cloths on the cushion which is totally eye catching! 

I actually wanted to upload the photo of me with the signature GOOGLE  fonts at the entrance. But I am still waiting for my friends to pass it to me. In the meanwhile, the rest of the pictures are equally stunning too! 

Found this in Google dining area, I intented to get a chalk and doodle on it. But all i saw is only marker pen everywhere. =( . Never, a logo of my blog is there now. 

A fridge where we can take the drinks whenever we wanted! How cool is that!  Not only that, I watch a video of Google Singapore office previously. 

Apparently, the arrangement of the drinks are also considered here. The most healthiest drink would be at the same height level where we can get it easily by just extending our arm. And the less healthier drinks like carbonated drink would only be reach by bending our body to get it. 

Which somehow actually reflected one of the cultural values, which is user-driven friendly. With everthing with targetted users' consideration in their mind. (Which is also one of the things that we have learnt today! )

One of the 3 meals (breakfast, lunch & high tea) that I had in Google office. This is the breakfast. I still can't believe that fact that Google has a professional chef and a few other kitchen crews just to serve the Google staff. 

Not only that, you can see from finger size of fruits they cut into are so ready to chew. Basically the Google value is reflected from their food size, to their drinks arrangement in fridge, which I was so blown away! 

Alright, enough of food. Let's view their meeting rooms now. Not all the meeting rooms are shown here. According to our speaker of the day, Ms Rahayu Ramli, the interior design here  is to stimulate ideas! 

Guess what? It's call the Nasi Lemak meeting room! 

Brainstorming session just beside the dining area! 

My working desk for 6 hours ~~~  =D 


After that, we were brought to the other side of the Google office which consist of auditorium, A VIP room where the press conference usually held, a mini video arcade with some table games, a platform where you get to sit back and relax. (How I wish I could work here~~~)

The auditorium . 

Alright, end it with a potrait of mine with Zakka wall behind me! 

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