June 19, 2016

National University of Singapore Study Tour Day 1

It was always my dream to be able to visit National University of SIngapore (NUS) 15-22May 2016, one of the top notch university in the World and Asia. Hence, when I first get to know there is a study tour to NUS,  I went for it. I felt so blessed because it just at the right timing.

For your information, the study tour is organised by my university, UTAR, and only open for UTAR students. I am in my last semester before I become UTAR alumni. How lucky I was! (Alright, no more self praising, but counting blessing is healthy though).

DAY 1 - 15th May 2016

There is nothing much happened on our first day arriving in Singapore. What I felt was SLEEPY!! As this is an event organised by UTAR, there were participants from both Sungai Long and Kampar campus.

I was one of those follow UTAR Kampar bus to KLIA. We took off at 12am, then reached KLIA2 by 2am! Guess what, our flight was 10am in the morning. There is nothing much to do, just wandering around in airport, waiting for time to pass only.

We had to wait until 7am only then can proceed for luggage checked in =.=. Anyway, here are some of the photos.

Upon arriving at Changi Airport, we were picked up by a bus to NUS.

I am a curious kid, and on day 1, despite tired, but I kept amaze by every little things that I saw upon stepped into the airport, including the charging station, the decoration, the cleanliness, the way people dressing. It was pretty superficial things that I manage to observe on the first day, as we were just entered Singapore and hadn't really have any conversation with the local yet.

Yea!! My accomodation for the coming 7 days in NUS!!! Yup, I stay in NUS Utown Residence, to be more specific, it was inside Cinamon College.

Forgotten to take a pic of my accomodation in NUS. Anyway, Yea or Neh? We were placed individually! Initially, I thought there were at least 2 of us in a room, but no, each of us have an INDIVIDUAL room. I have recorded the touring around my little humble room, will uploaded the video here once I done editting.

My first meal in Singapore. In a food court in U Town residence. Healthy concious. I have also specialise a Singapore food trail album in my facebook here. 

Tomato juice withouth any sweetener added. Rm 1.8

Raw Fish Pan Mee Rm 4.8. The first slice was big enough and succulent. and the overall portion is big. Top on with Enoki mushroom and shiitake mushroom and egg. Seem so healthy .

Free and easy time after that. I don't feel like want to go out. (Yes, we were allow to go outside of NUS, to any part of Singapore during the Free and Easy time, there is no curfew time on the first day.)

But, I could assure you that you won't loitering outside until 12am, because all the public transport here will operated until 11pm only. (MRT, NUS shuttle bus)

My dinner date. In the same food court too. 

Wandering around after dinner. 

Panaromic view of the U Town residence. 

was quite amazed that U Town residence has all the basic facilities, like a mini community. Apparently, you can survive here for few days if you don't need entertaintment like cinema and stuff. 
There were 2 food courts, and 2 convenient stores here! 

Why that we don't have all these in UTAR??~~~~~

From Left: Yours truly, Zoe and Yee Shian after dinner. 

So, that's basically my simple day 1 in Singapore. Just cant stop amaze by simple little things that I don't find in Malaysia. Click into my Singapore Food Trail album for more! I like to elaborated more on the food culture here in Singapore because....I am like you....I LIKE TO EAT! 

That's all, let me know what you think about my post! =D 

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