January 25, 2016


Hello, It's me, Maple.

I have been attending so many buddhist camps  for the past one month.

First, it was a camp by Kinta Buddhist Society on 17-21st December 2015

 Don't know where I put the group photos already. So just put whatever I have lar~~

 Apple & Maple
She is so friendly and good hearted lar~~ In fact all of them from Taiping are so helpful and responsible! 

 Preparation during the 集训营~~~


Then, it was a First Intravarsity Private University camp take place in Hoeh Beng Temple near RAja Chulan LRT (23-28th December)

Date boy friend on 28th and 29th December

Then, rest at home for one week. During the one week of rest at hometown is not really a rest too. I plan to do my FYP, but I haven't start it at all. Cause I was busy blogging for a few pending post.
Actually, I have make an ideal schedule on when to do what. But sometimes, ideal seem to prefect for reality.

Going for another camp by UTAR Buddhist Society from 7th Jan - 15th Jan 2015.

School reopen on 18th Jan. One week had past as it's 25th Jan now. And I actually still have a feel pending post to blog on. Noted it here, so that I will constantly remind of myself after I settle on the things that I seem as Priority.

Actually, I am glad that I made it. On the resolution on 2016. that is to spent more time on

Campus life (Friends & Buddhist Society), 
Final Year Project

 I have been so pre-occupied until I didn't arrange time to date my boy friend. Because this would be my final semester in my entire tertiary study. and I don't wanna look at it with REGRET in the future.

So my pending posts are as below

1. 2015 Reflection and 2016 Resolution.
2. Travel Post: Wave Rest House review
3. Writing featured article on Clicksforcake
4. Travel Post: Bangkok Trip Day 3, 4, & 5
5. Travel Post: Oma Home
6. Travel Post: Baiyoke Suite Hotel

 I feel so sorry to Clicksforcake as I have promise to write featured article for them, eventhough without any paid, but I really love cakes, and I don't mind writing for free. The person in charge of CLicksforcake has been so nice to me. And people with the same passion always CLicks together. She allows me to keep on dragging on the duedate for the article submission, but sadly, I cant manage time that well.

Anyway, if you wander what is Clicks_for_cake, click here to view it.

Previously, I have been spenting so much time to build my blogging network. And just as my blogging career started to get ceaselessly invitation, food review invitation, launching, concert events. I have to say NO to them.

Frankly. I felt sorry to myself for saying NO to those events. Although attending to events, get free stuff is not the ultimate reason for me to keep on blogging. But it definitely motivate me to blog more. (BTW, as much as you think that blogger get free stuff easily, that is not how you see. I am quite passionate in term of blogging, and one post with video probably took me 3 FULL DAYS to complete one, DO NOT EVER LOOK DOWN ON THE EFFORT that blogger put on one Simple short post. In my case, I could have probably use the 3 days to do research on my Final Year Project ).

But rationally, I have made a decision to focus on the things that I have been prioritise, not to say that I am  quit on blogging, but as much as BLogging remain to be my passion, Prioritse things remain to be the first thing to do.

As much as I understand that I might lose some readership, and invitation from various PR companies, I am clear that Passionate in Blogging never die, and blogging life still going on with or without event invitation.

Super thanks for everyone who have invite me to their events, and making my blogging career raise to another level higher.

1. The Butterfly Project Malaysia
2. Open Rice Malaysia
3. TEDMI Malaysia
4. FoodInk Malaysia
5. Blogger Koo Pooi Yee
6. Blogger Sharon Lee
7. Issac Tan & Ivy Kam
8. Circuit Communications PR company
9. Blogger Marc Soon Joo Yee 

There are actually a lot of humans whom I didn't mention, you know who you are. I sincerely appreciate every single chance offer.

And to You, who read my blog, thank you so much!

In the future, I wish that I can produce a lookbook videoNot because of the bandwagon, is the satisfaction I get to see myself so pretty in motion, haha. Just watch a video of Lovelumi Style with Tulle Skirt. and I wish to get one Tulle skirt and style it too!

(6th February 2015)
Morning!!! Wake up early and I have extra time to spent on doing things that I like!
I learnt that if you sleep early and wake up early, you will have 2 hours extra time to do anything that you like.

Said like I sleep 11pm, then automatic will wake up 8am, then my next agenda is 10am, hence I have 8am - 10am, 2 hours for myself!! And it's quite meaningful for me la. Coz I could have use the time to blogging, editting photos, edit videos, or do some reading, or any pending to do list.

Even though so far I am so busy I don't have time for workout.

Went to  see my FYP supervisor few days ago. And I learnt that why we need get resources/reference want credible souces such as books. I MEAN, before this, I understand why we cannot simply cite information online (because it is not verified, and could be written by anyone, even though they are not expert in the related field. )

Then this is what my supervisor told me

" If you cite from books, journals, then you are getting information from expert in the field , like professor, linguists, researchers who have done a lot of deep depth research before they publish their journals, and books. 

Citing from books could be from anyone. It mostly incorporate opinion and their obversation. And they might not have done proper research prior that. (which mean their information could have misleading)

Most of the researchers, expert will choose publish their finding in books or journals. " 

The beginning of 2016, something that struck my heart so deep is this news. 


Copy and Pasted from my friend, Jia YI's Facebook account. 

因为这个发生,它让我更近一步明白什么是无常~~~如果你问我有没有做过后悔的决定?答案是有,但是想不想时间倒回去,然后从来。。。。 我的答案是,后悔就后悔了,人生无常,也没有那么多的如果,也没有早知道这东西。。。

因为觉得死亡距离我们其实很遥远,所以觉得等以后得空时才去看婆婆,因为我把很多priority都放在这位婆婆以前,such as assignment, bf, friends, and why not I just go visit my own gramma, and so on..... 很可惜的,就这样。。。。时间慢慢的一妙一秒的流失,才从facebook知道婆婆过世了。。。。

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