September 29, 2015

Experience of using Air Asia Live Chat

Air Asia is a big plane service provider company that I believe all Malaysians know. And In fact with with their popular tagline "Everyone can Fly now" reliving the dreams of many.

 However, it could be quite troublesome if you are not a jetsetter, and looking for Air Asia for to switch your flight. The good things is Air Asia actually provide a comprehensive service for this.

My mom was having leg injured, her leg was fracture and was wrapped by  a thick layer of plaster. Which rendered her having difficulties in term of mobility. Knowing that travel to Bangkok involved a lot of walking, we planned to delay the vacation until future time.


I am having difficulty in contact them.

there were actually 3 ways to contact Airasia (according to the official site)

When I clicked on call center at the bottom of airasia site. this is the things that pop up.

Apparently, I need to pay Rm 1.95 per minutes in order to call them. On top of that, this is only available for flight with D7. Mine flight is actually AK883, so it is not applicable.

So. I went follow the instruction given, when to AskAirAsia

It's either you search the answer of your questions from FAQ given, or

LImited to 140 words only.

2. e-Form
Here, you need to fill in details like flight no, booking no, flight date and time. 

3. LIve Chat
Here, this is the things that I want to highlighted. I use Live Chat, cause it's the way that I think is the most efficient to get reply immediately. I waited for 2 hours before I manage to chat with them. =.+
At this point, I really wander what can't they just establish a Malaysian contact number, so that Malaysian can get the soonest reply.

Seriously, I was a bit mad during the moment. But then when I cooled down, I remembered once my boss told me. Things happen for a reason. Even though at the point of me composing this post, I still couldn't figure out a legible reason.

Seriously, even though using livechat that expect to get the soonest reply could be quite miserable. The above happened for the first few attempts, so I tried again hours later.

and Yes, I got the chance to connect with the airasia crew. that is after 2 hours later. Not forget that if you line disconnect in the middle of waiting, you might loss your queue and need to queue up again.

To be frank, I was quite nervous when my turn is about to reach. It's even nervous compare to the moment I beat for my timetable in my university.

2 hours of waiting only for the 2 minutes of reply. =.=

updated 30th Sept 2015. The reply I get when I ask them.


  1. i have been try Air Asia Live Chat 1 week ago,
    key wrong information, it should be Ms instead of Mr = =
    Waiting about 17 min (60 people waiting list) ;) and received correct ticket via email within fews min after change by person in-charge ! not bad experience !

  2. Siawsiaw life well, that is good then =D


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