December 27, 2014

Kinta River Front Ipoh

Located in Ipoh, this place has been my favourite recreation during night. Came here for a stroll after dinner with your family, friends and love is the best in life. 

whether you are single or couple, this place in definitely the best place for leisure chilling during the night! Have been to Kinta River Front several times, and still joyful everytime whenever I dropby here. I even wish that I can stay in the Kinta River Front hotel which is just next to it!

What you can do here?

1.Slow down your pace,enjoy the scene, night breeze, a simple strolling.
2. Random photo snapping!
3.Western cuisine, Haagen daaz at the 2 sides of river.
4.Lock your love on the bridge =) (prepare your own padlock)
5. Know more abou the tin mines? There is a mini gallery here. FREE entrance yea~~

Frankly, there are not many things you can do here. I like this place for the feeling that it radiate.Joyful, enjoyable, peace. You should come to this place to feel it yourself =)

.The amazing scene that I like the most!

 Enjoy the moment, watching the scene with Freshly squeeze straberry juice. (anyway, I don't see it the last time I visited there)

 The Kinta Riverfront hotel just sat  next to it! You can book the hotel here. Checked, the price offer in Agoda has no different with the official site.

Love bridge. You can buy a padlock , commemorate your love in this romantic spot here.Oh yea, btw I saw no one selling padlock, should bring the padlock yourself.

Western dining there, love the decoration of the restaurant. You can choose to dine in swinging chair. or Chair. Also, there are songs play around. But the food is not as impressive as it's environment. Ordinary..It's only special cause it's set by the side of Kinta Riverfront.

Just eat, sleep and LOVE!


  1. you are from ipoh too? :)

  2. hi, nick.

    No la, I study in Kampar. So I go to Ipoh one in awhile.

    I actually from Kemaman. the town that has flood recently.


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